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Washington State Wine’s “The Recommendeuer” App Now Available for iPhone

Release Date: December 4, 2013

SEATTLE (Dec. 4, 2013) – With its not-­‐so-­‐subtle notes of humor, an earthy educational backbone and lively creative overtones, Washington State Wine’s The Recommendeuer iPad app scored big points with wine lovers and technophiles alike after its release in October. Following this success, Washington State Wine today announced an iPhone version of the app is now available, allowing smartphone users to enjoy an in-­‐depth, interactive regional wine immersion led by actor and comedian Greg Proops.

Just as he does in the iPad version of the app, Proops dons a plaid suit and grabs a
wine glass to play The Recommendeuer, a professional recommender and know‐it‐all expert on the Washington State wine industry. The app features an engaging video series as well as extensive information on Washington State’s 13 wine-­‐ growing appellations, the history of the state’s wine industry, wine and grape profiles, photos, maps and more. 

“The feedback we received on the iPad app was overwhelmingly positive, so it made sense to bring the experience to iPhone users,” said Steve Warner, president of Washington State Wine.  “Content on the smartphone version is as detailed and entertaining as its predecessor. Our goal for The Recommendeuer remains the same to reach and educate wine influencers across the country and share the down‐to‐earth, fun-­‐ loving spirit of the Washington State wine industry.”  

The app is part of a national marketing campaign targeting the wine buyers, sommeliers and journalists who help shape consumer purchasing decisions. Wines from Washington State, the second‐largest wine producing state in the United States, have a reputation for premium quality and consistent critical accolades. Through creative methods such as the iPhone app, Washington State Wine seeks to grow awareness of and increase demand for its wines.  

Washington State Wine worked with Seattle‐based integrated marketing agency GreenRubino and consulted several wine professionals to curate the extensive and thorough educational content available on the app. 

The iPhone app can be downloaded for free from the Apple AppStore here. 

To learn more about Washington State Wine, please visit www.washingtonwine.org.  


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