Hit the Road, Jack!


(Please note that the following itinerary is subject to change.  Those specific people and wineries listed have committed to the program, but times and other details are still wet cement)


We look forward to welcoming everyone to the Emerald City!  Enjoy the many stunning tourist and gastronomic options Seattle has to offer before and after a lovely Welcome Reception of world class Puget Sound area wineries at (TBD) from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm.  Say “Hello” to everybody and then go off to our sparkling gem of a downtown.

10:30 am to 5:00 pm  Coach Service from Sea-Tac to Hotel every 30 minutes/Check In to Hotel Max
4:15 pm to 5:15 pm  Coach Service to Seattle Center/Welcome Reception at The Space Needle every 20 minutes
5:15 Meet at Base of Space Needle

5:30 pm  Welcome Reception at the Space Needle
7:00 pm  Free Time in Seattle


Start with a bang in the Walla Walla Valley AVA, home to some of the state’s most recognizable and high quality vineyard, winery and wine personality names!

5:30 am  "You Up?!" Knock On Your Door at Hotel Max
6:00 am  Leave For SeaTac Airport
7:40 am  Fly to Tri-Cities
8:45 am  Hop the Bus to Walla Walla
10:00 am  Welcome Brunch/Program Overview at Walla Walla Wine Works
12:00 pm  Walla Walla Vineyard Exercise  
Start your Road Trip Curriculum in the dirt!  There will be 4 different teams of 13 performing exercises investigating Washington State vineyard practices during the most exciting time of the year — harvest. Including:
  • Norm McKibben and Jean-Francois Pellet of Pepper Bridge Winery at Seven Hills Vineyard
  • Rick Small of Woodward Canyon Estate Vineyard
  • Christophe Baron of Cayuse Vineyards
  • Serge Laville of Spring Valley Vineyard
2:30 pm Walla Walla Winery Exercise
Continue on the natural evolution from vineyard to winery with personally guided winery exercises illuminating what Washington does to accentuate our world class fruit once its picked.  Small teams of 3-4 will get into the grapes of some of Walla Walla’s finest wineries. Including:
  • Abeja
  • L’Ecole No. 41
  • Long Shadows Winery
  • Northstar
  • Pepper Bridge
  • Reininger Winery
  • Seven Hills Winery  
  • Spring Valley Vineyard
  • Tamarack Cellars
  • Va Piano
  • Waters Winery
  • Woodward Canyon  
4:45 pm   Check In to Marcus Whitman Hotel for Some Down Time
6:15 pm   Coach to Long Shadows
6:45 pm   Walla Walla Regional Tasting at Long Shadows
8:00 pm   Walla Walla Din Din at Long Shadows
10:30 pm  After Hours Beer Hall at the Marcus Whitman



Cross the majestic Columbia River to the Tri-Cities area of the Columbia Valley AVA and the eastern portion of the expansive Yakima Valley AVA, with its world-renowned Red Mountain sub-AVA.  Learn about Washington's world-class efforts with Syrah, take lunch on the Columbia River...then dinner on a (Red) Mountain.

6:45 am  "You Up?" Knock On Your Door
7:15 am  Breakfast
7:45 am  Check Out of Marcus Whitman Hotel
8:00 am  Road Trip to Tri-Cities
Board your bus with your team and ease on down the road.  Along the way the first of four Geology Rest Stops at Wallula Gap to talk about the geography/geology of Washington State’s region and a brief Yakima Valley AVA explanation.  Okay, maybe even some fine Seattle coffee…
9:30 am  Tri-Cities/Red Mountain Vineyard Exercise
Further your grubby ways in the vineyards of the eastern portion of the grand Yakima Valley and its sub-AVA, Red Mountain. Including:

  • Marcus Notaro of Col Solare
  • Tom and Peter Hedges of Hedges Family Estates
  • Goose Ridge Vineyard
  • Jim Holmes of Ciel du Cheval
11:30 am  Washington and the World of Syrah
A comparative Tasting of Washington’s classic Syrahs alongside those from California, Australia and France lead by Shayn Bjornholm MS and other wine experts.
12:30 pm  The Gordon Brothers Riverboat Luncheon
Jeff Gordon of Gordon Brothers will host a Columbia Valley fare luncheon while floating up and down the majestic Columbia River
2:30 pm  Tri-Cities/Red Mountain Winery Exercise
For more sticky, purple lessons and fun with winemakers.  Again, small groups at each winery as your curriculum takes a different angle – maybe blending trials?  Co-fermentation?  Oak management testing?  Free run vs. Press juice? Including:
  • Badger Mountain
  • Barnard Griffin
  • Chandler Reach Vineyards 
  • Col Solare
  • Gordon Brothers 
  • Hedges Family Estate  
  • J. Bookwalter Winery
  • Kiona Vineyards Winery
  • Pacific Rim  
4:30 pm  Check In to Richland Courtyard by Marriott and Some Down Time
6:30 pm  Yakima Valley/Tri-Cities Regional Tasting at Col Solare
30+ wineries from Day 2 and 3 tasted tonight!
8:00 pm  Dinner at Col Solare
Along the way Geology Rest Stop 2 along the road to Col Solare
10:30 pm  After Hours Beer Hall


Our state’s oldest, the Yakima VAlley AVA continues further west and is home to a wide range of grapes, terroirs and wine styles to explore first hand.  Then, refresh the mind, body and soul with a Riesling tasting and a wee bit of free time in the majestic Cascade Mountains!
6:45 am  "You Up?!" Knock On Your Door

7:15 am  Breakfast
7:45 am  Check out of Richland Courtyard Marriott

8:45 am  Yakima Valley Winery Exercise
For more sticky, purple lessons and fun with winemakers.  Again, small groups at each winery as your curriculum takes a different angle – maybe blending trials?  Co-fermentation?  Oak management testing?  Free run vs. Press juice? Including:

  • Alexandria Nicole Cellars
  • Chinook Wines
  • Desert Wind Winery
  • Hogue Cellars
  • Kestrel Vintners 
  • Mercer Estates
  • Willow Crest Winery
11:00 am Harvest-Style Taco Truck Chow Down
12:30 pm  Yakima Valley Vineyard Exercise   One last tromp through the vineyards with some of our state’s best growers. Including:
  • Chris Camarda of Two Blondes Vineyard and Scott Greer of Sheridan Vineyard
  • Dick Boushey and Boushey Vineyards
  • Hugh and Kathy Shiels of DuBrul Vineyard
  • Keith Klingele of Canyon Ranch Vineyard
4:00 pm  Top of the Mountain WA and the World of Riesling
A comparative Tasting of Washington’s classic Rieslings alongside those from Germany, Australia and France lead by Shayn Bjornholm MS.
5:00 pm  Road Trip to Bellevue
6:30 pm  Check In Bellevue Red Lion
7:30 pm  Leave for Dinner at DeLille Cellars

8:00 pm  Dinner at DeLille Cellars
10:00 pm  Back to the Hotel
10:30 pm  After Hours Beer Hall


The Emerald City and nearby winery hotspot Woodinville provide a more urban setting to explore the wine and gastronomic fare of Washington State. 

7:45 am  "You Up?!" Knock On Your Door
8:15 am  Breakfast
8:45 am  Check Out of Bellevue Red Lion
9:45 am  Woodinville Winery Exercise
They may not grow the grapes on their estate, but some of the biggest name wineries in the state call this valley home. Including:
  • Betz Family Winery
  • Chateau Ste. Michelle
  • DeLille Cellars
  • DiStefano Winery
  • Efeste Wine Cellars
  • Gorman Winery
  • JM Cellars 
  • Mark Ryan Winery   
  • Sparkman Cellars  

11:45 am  Woodinville Regional Tasting at Chateau Ste. Michelle
1:00 pm  Leave for Pike Place Market
1:30 pm  Columbia Winery Lunch in the Pike Place Market
2:45 pm  Washington and the World of Cabernet Sauvignon
A comparative Tasting of Washington’s Cabernet Sauvignons alongside those from Bordeaux, Napa Valley, Coonawarra and Chile led by Shayn Bjornholm MS.
3:30 pm  Where Will Washington Be Tomorrow?
A quick look at where Washington is going led by Robin Pollard, Executive Director of the Washington Wine Commission, with Ted Baseler, CEO of Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, and Seattle Times wine columnist, Paul Gregutt.
4:00 pm  Official Good Bye and Thank You!

At this point, you may depart for activities such as Kayaking, a Pike Place Tour, Ferry Ride to Bainbridge Island or just an amble around downtown… or fly to where your heart is — home.




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