Washington Wine Road Trip 2014


2009 Road Trip Washington Wine Home Movie!

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Seattle Skyline

We look forward to welcoming everyone to the Emerald City!  Enjoy the many stunning tourist and gastronomic options Seattle has to offer before and after a lovely Welcome Reception of world class Western Washington, Puget Sound AVA and Columbia Gorge AVA area wineries at The Space Needle from 4:30 pm to 6:15 pm.  Say “Hello” to everybody...and then go off to our sparkling gem of a downtown.


10:00 am – 3:30 pm Road Trip Washington Wine Shuttle from Sea-Tac Airport to Edgewater Hotel every half hour
2:00 pm – 3:30 pm Check-in and Road Trip Washington Wine Registration in Edgewater Hotel Lobby
3:45 pm  Washington Wine Primer w/ Shayn Bjornholm, MS at the Edgewater Hotel
4:20 pm  Shuttle from Hotel to Road Trip Washington Wine Welcome Reception at the Space Needle
4:30 pm  Seattle Road Trip Welcome Reception with Wines of Seattle/Columbia Gorge/Puget Sound/Lake Chelan at the Space Needle
8 fantastic wineries serving up to 3 wines each in our iconic remnant of the 1962 World’s Fair.
  • Andrew Will Winery
  • Cadence
  • Camaraderie Cellars
  • McCrea Cellars
  • San Juan Vineyards
  • Soos Creek Wine Cellars
  • Syncline
  • Tsillan Cellars
  • Vin du Lac 
  • Walter Dacon Wines
6:15 pm  Free time in Seattle
Go forth and be merry in our Emerald City!  One of the great gastronomic spots in the United States, Seattle offers an array of stunning dining and cocktailing opportunities.  See our Insider’s Scoop Guide for our favs!

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Start with a bang far out East in the Walla Walla Valley AVA!  Named after the indian term for "many waters", this bucolic small town has more than 100 wineries and dozens of named single vineyards.  Learn about Washington's efforts with Riesling and enjoy a Taco Truck Chowdown.  Welcome to Washington Wine Country!
5:30 am “You up?!” Knock on Your Door
6:00 am Leave for SeaTac Airport
7:50 am Fly Away to Tri-Cities
8:45 am Hop the Bus! to Walla Walla Vineyards
9:45 am Breakfast in the Vineyard
10:15 am Walla Walla Vineyard Exercise
Suggested Topics: Canopy Management, Irrigation and Winter Hazards
Learn about the growing conditions and vineyard practices by jumping in and getting dirty with our finest vineyard managers at the height of harvest.  Fair warning: ‘tis highly likely you will be put to work – free labor when we need it most!
  • Woodward Canyon Winery Estate Vineyard
  • Les Collines Vineyard 
  • Spring Valley Vineyard Estate Vineyard 
  • Beresan Estate Vineyard
12:00 pm Hop the Bus! to Marcus Whitman Hotel 
12:15 pm Riesling Comparative Tasting Workshop
An honest look at where Washington State fits into the world of the "Rennaissance" with brief lectures from industry leaders and a blind tasting opposite the classic areas of the world, lead by Shayn Bjornholm, MS.
1:30 pm Taco Truck Chowdown with the Walla Walla Valley Hosts at the Marcus Whitman 
2:15 pm Winery Exercises
Suggested Topics:  Fermentation and Estate vs. Purchased Grapes 
Learn about our winemaking practices by jumping in and getting purple with our finest winemakers at the height of harvest.  Again: ‘tis highly likely you will be put to work – free labor when we need it most! 
  • Abeja
  • Buty Winery
  • Dunham Cellars 
  • Dusted Valley Vintners
  • Gramercy Cellars
  • L’Ecole No 41
  • Long Shadows Vintners - Feather, Pedestal and Sequel 
  • Pepper Bridge Winery
  • Walla Walla Vintners
  • Waterbrook Winery
4:30 pm Check-in & Some Downtime at the Marcus Whitman
5:45 pm Hop the Bus! to Walla Walla Regional Tasting
6:00 pm Walla Walla Regional Tasting at L'Ecole No 41 
22 Walla Walla wineries will be pouring delicious offerings at one of Walla Walla's historic and most beloved wineries.  L'Ecole No 41 always offers an amazing breadth of  typical, complex wines in every category in one of the great, organic wineries in the area.  In addition to the Walla Walla Vineyard and Winery Exercise Hosts, these fine wineries will be present to taste: 
  • Bergevin Lane 
  • Cougar Crest Estate Winery   
  • Nicholas Cole Cellars 
  • Northstar 
  • Reininger Winery
  • Seven Hills Winery 
  • Sleight of Hand Cellars 
  • Tamarack Cellars 
  • Waters Winery/Wines of Substance

7:30 pm Walla Walla Din Din hosted by L'Ecole No 41 and Woodward Canyon Winery
Just the 2nd winery to be bonded in Walla Walla, Woodward Canyon has lead the way in super premium quality for the entire state for 30 years.  End your Walla Walla day right where Walla Walla started.   
9:30 pm Hop on the Bus! back to Marcus Whitman Hotel
10:00 pm Beer Hall at The Marcus Whitman Hotel
11:00 pm Good Night!



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Cross the majestic Columbia River to the Tri-Cities area of the Columbia Valley AVA and the eastern portion of the expansive Yakima Valley AVA, with its world-renowned Red Mountain sub-AVA.  Take lunch by the Columbia River...then dinner at a Canyon Ranch.
7:00 am “You up?” Knock on Your Door
8:00 am Hop the Bus! to Tri-Cities/Columbia Valley Heartland
9:00 am Tri-Cities/Columbia Valley/Red Mountain Vineyard Exercise
Suggested Topics: Diurnal Shift, Soil Issues and When to Pick
Learn about the growing conditions and vineyard practices by jumping in and getting dirty with our finest vineyard managers at the height of harvest. Fair warning: ‘tis highly likely you will be put to work – free labor when we need it most!
  • Ciel du Cheval Vineyard
  • Goose Ridge Vineyard
  • Sagemoor
11:00 am Hop the Bus! to Columbia Point on the Columbia River in Richland
11:30 pm Luncheon at Anthony's on the Columbia River hosted by Gordon Brothers Cellars
Jeff Gordon and family have been raising the flag for this area of Columbia Valley for decades. Great wines follow these great people wherever they go. Tri-Cities, here we all come!
1:00 pm Tri-Cities Winery Exercises
Suggested Topics: Receiving Grapes and Aging In The Winery
Learn about the growing conditions and vineyard practices by jumping in and getting dirty with our finest vineyard managers at the height of harvest. Fair warning: ‘tis highly likely you will be put to work – free labor when we need it most!
  • Badger Mountain Winery/Powers
  • Barnard Griffin Winery
  • Col Solare
  • Gordon Brothers Cellars
  • Hedges Family Estate
  • Hightower Cellars
  • Kiona Winery
  • Pacific Rim
  • Terra Blanca Winery
3:15 pm Check-in & Down Time at Richland Courtyard by Marriott
4:30 pm Hop the Bus! to Yakima Valley and the Rest of Columbia Valley Regional Tasting & Dinner @ Precept Brands' Canyon Ranch
5:15 pm Yakima and the Rest of Columbia Valley Regional Tasting
23 wineries will be pouring delicious offerings. In addition to the Vineyard and Winery Exercise Hosts from the Tri-Cities/Red Mountain and Yakima Valley days, these fine wineries from Wahluke Slope AVA, Yakima Valley AVA and Spokane will be present to taste:
  • Barrister Winery
  • Bookwalter Winery
  • The Bunnell Family Cellar
  • Chinook Wines
  • Saint Laurent Estate Winery
7:00 pm Dinner hosted by Precept Brands' Canyon Ranch
Precept Brands is a leader in Washington in the marketing and selling of amazing wines at value prices. One of the largest and most visible companies with a fun loving, whimsical philosophy on how to package - and enjoy - this wine we love.
10:00 pm Beer Hall
11:00 pm Good Night!

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Our state’s oldest, the Yakima Valley AVA continues further west and is home to a wide range of grapes, terroirs, wineries and wine styles to explore first hand.  Investigate our latest hip grape Syrah at its birthplace in Washington State.  Then, a gorgeous trek over the majestic Cascade Mountains and dinner in beautiful Woodinville!
7:00 am “You up?!” Knock on Your Door
7:45 am Hop the Bus! to Yakima Valley
8:45 am Yakima Valley Winery Exercises
Suggested Topics:  Blending Exercises and Juice vs. Must vs. Wine
  • Airfield Estates
  • Hogue Cellars
  • Kestrel Vintners
  • Mercer Estates Winery
  • Milbrandt Vineyards Winery
  • Sheridan Vineyards 
10:30 am Hop the Bus! to Yakima Valley Vineyard Exercises
11:00 am Yakima Valley Vineyard Exercises
Suggested Topics:  Vine Age, (No) Grafting and Grape Varieties 
  • Boushey Vineyards
  • Cote Bonneville in DuBrul Vineyard
  • Owen Roe in Red Willow Vineyard
  • Andrew Will Winery in Two Blondes Vineyard
12:30 pm Hop the Bus! Lunch to Red Willow Vineyard
1:15 pm Columbia Winery’s Tour of Red Willow Vineyard
Learn about of one of our state’s most innovative and beautiful spots in far Western Yakima Valley with grower Mike Sauer’s wit and wisdom giving a history of a shared vision for world class vineyard with Columbia Winery
1:45 pm Syrah Comparative Tasting Workshop at Red Willow Vineyard
It is fitting to look at our newest-on-the-scene red wine in the birthplace of Washington State Syrah as the first vineyard to plant this noble grape back in the mid 1980’s. Legendary Columbia Winery winemaker David Lake, MW and Mike Sauer just knew this grape would work in Washington – let’s prove them right!
3:00 pm Hop the Bus! to Kirkland
6:00 pm Check In to Kirkland Courtyard by Marriott
7:15 pm Hop the Bus! to Chateau Ste. Michelle
7:30 pm Woodinville Dinner hosted by Chateau Ste. Michelle
The leader of Washington's industry needs little introduction. One of the very first, certainly the largest, and always one of the most gracious wineries in Washington, Chateau Ste. Michelle's gorgeous chateau will make a fitting introduction to the Woodinville area it founded and last dinner in the state it continues to set the bar for. It is fitting to introduce you to Woodinville at the unofficial founder to the area and enjoy our last dinner together at the most prominent winery in our state. Chateau Ste. Michelle has been a beacon for our industry for 40 years, and features a glorious spot to greet Woodinville from.
10:00 pm Hop the Bus! to Kirkland Courtyard by Marriott
10:30 pm Beer Hall
11:30 pm Good Night!

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Wrap it up in Woodinville!  This Western Washington winery hotspot is home to a cache of big and small wineries, in name and stature.  Take in our last varietal investigation of Cabernet Sauvignon, enjoy a La Paulee luncheon and group hug goodbye.  Take, take me home...with Washington wine forever on my mind.
8:00 am “You up?!” Knock on Your Door
9:00 am Woodinville Winery Exercises
Suggested Topics:  Cap Management and How To Achieve Balance
  • Brian Carter Cellars 
  • Betz Family Winery
  • Chateau Ste. Michelle
  • Columbia Winery
  • DeLille Cellars
  • Efeste
  • JM Cellars
  • Sparkman Cellars
11:00 am Cabernet Sauvignon Comparative Tasting Workshop at Columbia Winery
No Washington state wine gets more attention and accolades than our versions of this Bordeaux variety and its related blends.  Investigate our typicity with guided lectures and blind tastings from the best Washington producers and Shayn Bjornholm, MS.
12:00 pm Woodinville Regional Tasting at Columbia Winery
13 wineries from the most populated winery enclave west of the Mountains – Woodinville!
  • Adams Bench 
  • Gordon Brothers Cellars
  • Grand Reve Vintners 
  • Hestia
  • Novelty Hill Winery 
1:30 pm Woodinville La Paulee hosted by DeLille Cellars
As an avowed lover of the French paradigm of wine and life, DeLille Cellars makes a perfect host to enjoy a Woodinville version of this famed Burgundy tradition.  Break bread during harvest with the best of Woodinville at one Washington's First Growth wineries.
3:00 pm Official Good Bye and Thank You!
3:15 pm Shuttles to SeaTac Airport and/or Downtown

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