One third of Washington State's wine grapes are grown in the fertile Yakima Valley. Vineyards roll, cling, and luxuriate over 16,000 acres of diverse landscape-and so shall you. Blue sky and rows or finely threaded vines encompass picnic perfect wineries. It's the terrain in which life-affirming memories are born.

7 Mile Vineyard
Agate Field Vineyard
Airfield Estates / Airport Ranch Vineyards
Alder Ridge Vineyard
Arizona Acres
Barrel Springs Estate Vineyard
Black River Winery
Bonair Winery Vineyards
Bosetti Vineyards
Boushey Vineyards
Canyon Vineyard Ranch
Conley Vineyard
Copeland Vineyard
Cox Canyon Vineyards
Coyote Canyon Vineyard
Cultura Wine
Desert Wind Vineyard
Destiny Ridge Vineyards
Dineen Family Vineyards,LLC
Domanico Vineyards
Elephant Mountain Vineyard
Eliason Vineyard
Elizabeth Vineyard
Fontaine Estates
Gary Niemeyer
Gilbert Vineyards
Glacier Cellars Vineyard
Hogue Cellars
Hoover & Roofus
Hyatt Vineyards
Lady Hawk Vineyard
Les Vignes Le Tendre
Martinez Vineyard
Moxee Vineyard
Naches Heights Vineyard & Winery (NHV)
Olsen Vineyards
Paradisos del Sol
Parejas Cellars
Phinny Hill Vineyards, LLC
Pontin vineyard
Red Willow Vineyards
Roza Hills Vineyard
S.O. Fruit
Sheridan Vineyard
Sugarloaf Vineyard
Tefft Cellars
Two Blondes Vineyard
Upland Vineyards
Vineyard del Sol
Walter Clore Wine and Culinary Center
West Hollywood Farms
Willow Crest Estate Vineyard
Wilridge Vineyard X
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