Adytum Cellars - Woodinville

The 6 acre site, nestled in the fertile Samammish Valley, just off the Tolt Pipeline Trail, Adytum Cellars is a unique destination for the Mead Seeking Traveler. Stop in to the tasting room and sample the latest elixr.

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Retail Sales, Picnic Area

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Sat 11am-4pm

Open to the Public

Tasting Room on Site

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Join us the month of October for the annual Harvest Festival and enjoy "Beezart" - Encaustics Workshop and Art Show.

Our Story

MEAD is an alcoholic beverage produced by the fermentation of a mixture of honey and water. With fruit and spices added as flavorings it is called by different names: melomel, metheglin, pyment, cyser and others. It is typically clear with a slight gold tint and an alcohol content of between 7-22%. A wide variety of types can be produced ranging from a very dry and light mead similar to more traditional grape wines; a sweet and heavy-bodied type; and, a sparkling mead resembling a sparkling white wine.

HONEY is the prime ingredient that sets mead apart from other fermented beverages. While wine is fermented from fructose, and beer is fermented from maltose, honey contains a variety of sugars that give it a complexity unsurpassed. The actual composition of honey varies based on the floral source, and thus, each honey is a signature of the region from which it originates and the quality of the flowers and produce.

High quality mead will carry over the attributes from the honey, preserving the distinctive flavors and aromas of the honey from which it was derived. The subtle nature of honey, allows the mead maker to add a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices to enhance the character and complexity of mead.

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