Wine with an attitude, balancing generous fruit and tannins with appropriate barrel aging.

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Sat, Sun, 12-5 PM. Other times available by calling 425-417-9725

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Variety List
Pinot Noir

Okanogan County Pinot Noir
Petite Verdot
Boat Deck
Bone Dry Gewurztraminer
Both Barrels Syrah
While 2011 was a difficult but still outstanding vintage, 2012 promises to be an exceptional year.

Our Story

Celaeno Winery is currently offering a dry Viognier, Okanogan County Pinot Noir, and "Both Barrels" Syrah from Minick vineyards.

"Celaeno" is one of the Seven Sisters in Greek mythology. Owner / Winemaker Brian Countryman has six sisters of his own and names the winery as the seventh in honor of them.

Celaeno Winery enjoys a fruitful partnership with Elsom Cellars in the Woodinville production facility and tasting room, and invites visitors to enjoy tastings from both wineries.

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