Hamilton Cellars

Hamilton Cellars is the first winery to locate in Richland, Washington. Our winemaker is Charlie Hoppes. Our tasting room is unique with large patios to enjoy during the warmer weather. We feature the Malbec varietal.

Touring Region
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Retail Sales, Restaurant / Food, Tasting Room

Hours of Operation
M-Tu by appointment, W & Sun 12 PM - 5 PM, Thu 12 PM - 6 PM, Fri-Sat 12PM-8PM

Open to the Public

Yearly Production (in cases)

Variety List
Cabernet Sauvignon
Blend - Bordeaux Style Red
Blend - Other White

White Wine
Bona Vita
Cabernet Sauvignon
Rose' of Malbec

Our Story

We have been described as persistent. We started our journey towards winery ownership four years before we opened. After making the decision to take this step, we bought land in West Richland and started planning a wine village. A week before groundbreaking we were told by the BLM that we were trespassing on their land and that West Richland did not own it when they sold it to us. We eventually had to sue the City to recover our investment. Meanwhile, we needed another location and found a beautiful piece of land in Kennewick. Once again we went through the entire design phase and, a week before groundbreaking, the bank told us they did not want to finalize the loan while we were involved in a lawsuit with West Richland. We finally decided to renovate a building we owned in Richland so we could have a tasting room. During this process, we found a building to use as a production facility and embarked on the renovation of that building at the same time. We now have a beautiful tasting room with a unique and exclusive wine club area as well as a huge production cellar where Charlie Hoppes will produce all of his wines. Everything came together - it was just a really long journey!

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