Hightower Cellars

Handpicked - Handsorted - Handmade is the motto and method for Hightower Cellars. Owners and winemakers, Tim and Kelly Hightower, strive to make world class red wines of elegance, depth and complexity

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Picnic Area

Hours of Operation
Thur - Sun 11am-5pm Please call ahead or visit our website for hours December - March.

Open to the Public

Tasting Room on Site

Yearly Production (in cases)

Variety List
Blend - Bordeaux Style Red
Cabernet Sauvignon

The Hightowers have completed the "green" remodel of their tasting room. Enjoy the beautiful view and savour the wines, including some new releases which include estate grown grapes for the first time.

Our Story

Established 1997, Hightower Cellars is located on 15 acres high on Red Mountain, in Washington State, where it is surrounded by its estate vineyard – Out of Line vineyard. Hightower wines are produced in small quantities and are sold in a handful of select markets across the United States.

Hightower Cellar’s grapes are handpicked and handsorted to ensure the use of only the best grapes from some of the best vineyards in dry eastern Washington State. The grapes are crushed into small one and one-half ton, open-top fermentors no taller than they are wide to extract greater color and flavor by having more juice in contact with the grape skins. After gently pressing the wine from the skins, the wine is aged in small oak barrels for eighteen to twenty months. The wines are gravity-racked off their lees with a siphon during the barrel aging process and pumped only during bottling.

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