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We are downtown Everett's one and only boutique winery.

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The Tasting Room Hours: Thursday - Saturday 4:30 PM - 10:00 PM Open Mic Night Every Thursday evening from 7pm-9pm Live Local Music Fridays & Saturdays! (No Cover. 7:00-9:00 PM)

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Petit Verdot
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Our Story

The Story of Port Gardner Bay Winery

Port Gardner Bay Winery is named after an inlet of Possession Sound in which the City of Everett is located It was named by George Vancouver for his patron and former commander, Alan Gardner. Vancouver meant the name to apply to all of Saratoga Passage, but over time it came to refer to only the bay near Everett.

Port Gardner Peninsula is a point of land bound by the Snohomish River on its east flank and northern tip and by Port Gardner Bay on the west. People have inhabited the Everett Peninsula for more than 10,000 years. In recent centuries, Hibulb (or Hebolb), the principal village of the Snohomish tribe stood at the northwest point of the peninsula. Its location near the mouth of the Snohomish River and next to Port Gardner Bay provided both abundant food and transportation. Other villages were located across the waterways. The Snohomish fortified Hibulb with a stockade made of Western red cedar posts to guard against their local enemies, the Makah, Cowichan, Muckleshoot, and the occasional northern raider.

Now that you've had a little history lesson on Port Gardner Bay, you can see why we felt so compelled to name our working winery Port Gardner Bay Winery. We wanted to honor some of Everett's history and the natives of the area.

About our Winemaker

Chris Covington was born and raised on the outskirts of Chicago, IL. After reading a National Geographic magazine about Washington, he felt the need to pack his bags and leave his Midwest roots behind. He then came out to Everett, WA to become a fisherman. So for the first few years in Everett he worked as a carpenter and fisherman for several years. He then decided to go back to school at Everett Community College for Civil Engineering and then graduated from the University of Washington.

As his Structural Engineering practice begin to take off he started to expand his interest's and found a relationship with Washington wines. After several years of touring and tasting we decided to investigate the art of winemaking. He produced his first 90 gallons of wine in 2006 out of his Everett home that he shares with his wife Linnea and dog Bay.
People often ask him how a engineer becomes a winemaker. Well, it's not as large a leap as some might think. Engineers are required to take college level chemistry as part to their core classes. Engineers are organized and pay attention to detail. Wine makers are made up of the same stuff.

As we say here at the Winery.."We love engineering wine"

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