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The Yakima Valley Appellation is the oldest and most diverse wine growing region in Washington State. The great grapes grown in Yakima Valley are the key ingredient in more than half of all the wine produced throughout Washington State, making it th

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Yakima Valley is the Soul of Washington Wine. Our great grapes, grown on rocky hillsides, attract celebrated winemakers from around the world. Yakima Valley vineyards produce more than one-third of Washington State’s grapes, and its fruit is a key ingredient in more than half of all Washington wines.

Many a winery has “grown to greatness” with Yakima Valley fruit. Just some of the celebrated wineries who count on our grapes include: Quilceda Creek, Col Solare, Baer, Betz, Chinook, and many, many more. The next time you try an exceptional Washington Wine, try the Yakima Valley grape test – ask – “is it in there?”

The Yakima Valley Appellation is proudly celebrating 25 years as the oldest and largest wine growing region in Washington State.  Yakima Valley boasts more than 12,000 acres of premium wine grapes and more than 65 wineries – the largest percentage of vineyard plantings per square mile than any other wine-growing region in Washington State.

Our growers are our secret weapon. We have a very high number of visionary third-generation growers in the Yakima Valley, and their knowledge of the soil and growing conditions, coupled with world-class local research and viticulture resources, make us the place winemakers turn to across the state and the world.

The Yakima Valley Appellation has two new sub-appellations that have been recently recognized – the Red Mountain Appellation and the Rattlesnake Hills Appellation. Distinct soils, microclimates, and topography allow this region to produce more than 30 different types of wine.

The Yakima Valley is in the midst of a renaissance. While the region may be the state’s oldest, due to its size, it also has the most growth opportunity. New vineyards are constantly being planted, and the number of wineries has increased more than 40 percent in the past four years. The accessible Yakima Valley region is a great place to meet world-class winemakers and discover the true romance of the vineyard.

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