Ancient Lakes of Columbia Valley AVA

Designated: 2012Vineyards: 1,603 acres (648 hectares)Top Varieties: Riesling and ChardonnayAverage Annual Precipitation: 6 inches Named after series of thirty-five lakes that dot the area, Ancient Lakes of Columbia Valley AVA is one of Washington’s more northerly appellations. For this reason, heat accumulation begins later and tapers off sooner. The appellation’s…

Thirty Five Ancient Lakes

Established in 2012, the Ancient Lakes appellation is located in Central Washington. The area is wholly contained within the Columbia Valley region and is named after a series of thirty-five lakes that dot the area. Over 20 different vinifera varieties are planted in this region with white grapes the emphasis.
Press Release

Royal Slope is Washington’s newest American Viticultural Area

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SEATTLE (September 2, 2020)—Royal Slope is the newest American Viticultural Area (AVA) in Washington. The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) published the final rule for Royal Slope today, September 2, 2020, to officially define it as a designated wine grape-growing region. “Many of our wineries…

Grapes, Soil, & Sun

Climate Eastern Washington, where almost all of Washington’s wine grapes are grown, has long, warm summer days that provide ripe fruit flavors and cool nights that help lock in acidity. Long, Warm Days Eastern Washington is an arid and semi-arid desert, with hot summer days. The state’s northerly latitude…

Royal Slope AVA

Designated: 2020Vineyards: 1,900 acres (768 hectares)Top Varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, ChardonnayAverage Annual Precipitation: 6-8 inches The Royal Slope is a south-facing slope surrounding the town of Royal City. Compared to the Wahluke Slope, which lies about 15 miles to the south, the Royal Slope is considerably cooler. Compared to the…