The Auction of Washington Wines has been around for 34 years, and is ranked in the Top 5 U.S. Charity Wine Auctions, having raised over $52 million since our inception in 1988.

A man in a blue button-up shirt and sunglasses holds a bottle of wine and smiles next to another man in a black suit with a faux-surprised expression. They are in a dark room with people all around them.
Kit Singh of Lauren Ashton Wines and of Christian Grieb of Treveri Cellars at the Gala
A man and a woman standing at a high table with a black table cloth and white flowers hold a glass of white wine up and smile.
WSU V&E Student Recipients of the 2019 Awards
People seated around round tables in a crowded room raise their hands in the air.
A picture from the Gala, mid-bidding on WA Wine packages.

Since inception, the Auction of Washington Wines has raised over $52 million, benefiting Washington State University’s Viticulture & Enology research, Seattle Children’s, and the AWW Industry Grant Program. More info about each can be found here. AWW is excited to offer both online and offline opportunities this year to help support your local communities. Upcoming events are listed below, and information about the Auction of Washington Wines can be found here. We hope you will join us in supporting our local industries, communities, small businesses, and wineries.

Three people stand together and smile, holding glasses of wine. A large white tent and trees are in the background.
Charlie Lybecker of Cairseas Winery, and Anaïs Mera and Rachael Horn of AniChe Cellars at the Picnic

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List of 2021 Events

Four women stand together and smile. Two of them hold glasses of wine and they are wearing festive summer dresses. There are people and tents behind them.
Attendees at the Winemaker Picnic at Chateau Ste. Michelle