Led by Linda Bohannon and Eric Strout of le Jumelage & Armathia Bolles, Eleven Winery Assistant Winemaker, this tasting-focused class will explore the tactile building blocks of wine, including acid, tannin, sugar, and alcohol. Each of these components creates specific sensations in our mouths…taken individually, the components define a wine’s structure; taken together, they produce the wine’s mouthfeel. Participants will learn how to identify and describe these essential wine components and the primary wine aroma and flavor categories. We will also discuss how grape variety, growing conditions, and winemaking techniques can change or refine a wine’s personality.

This class is open to all levels and is ideal for those wanting to improve their ability to describe wine and understand why wines taste the way they do.

You will taste 5 wines with matching pairings during the class & will have the opportunity to purchase all wines tasted (including the unreleased Chenin Blanc).