Dain Norman is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and audio producer, currently fronts his band The Chrysalis Effect. Norman plays a total of 9 instruments! Join us at Water from wine Jan 20th and enjoy Dain Norman’s full Band: The Chrysalis Effect!

“When Will This World Be One?”
DAIN NORMAN is a modern-day rockstar cut from a different cloth. With his band, THE CHRYSALIS EFFECT, Dain rewinds time to an era when rock and roll was a force for cultural and societal change, preaching important messages such as peace, love, and understanding. Having written rousing anthems including ‘When Will This World Be One?’, ‘Heal The Earth (And All Its People)’, and ‘We Can Have Peace Tomorrow’, he has continuously evolved and could be easily compared as a contemporary answer to John Lennon, if only the mainstream music world allowed. The messages, themes, and topics that are entwined with his glorious musical output are nothing short of breathtaking, and that is the real truth.”- Aldora Britain Records, February 2023.