The meeting will be held from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The morning will focus on conducting regular business with the afternoon focused on long-range planning and strategy development. The entire day is open to constituents and the rest of the public.

Washington State Wine Commission Extended Board Meeting Agenda
January 15, 2016 from 9:00 am to 5:00 p.m.
Chateau Ste. Michelle – Manor House
14111 NE 145th St, Woodinville

• Welcome and Review of Agenda (5 minutes) – Chris Sparkman
o Welcome to Guests
o Approval of November 13, 2015 Meeting Minutes

• Research Committee (10 minutes) – Dick Boushey & Melissa Hansen
o Research program goals/plans for the year (Melissa)
o Wine Advisory Committee Research Review update (Melissa)
o Research Committee mission statement (Dick)

• Marketing Updates (120 minutes) – Steve Griessel & Chris Stone
o Website Review (30 minutes) – Ply
o Program Updates (45 minutes)
 Guild of Sommeliers Events (David)
 San Diego Trade & Media Tastings (Monica)
 San Francisco Trade & Media Tasting (Leah)
 Taste Washington Week/Month/Future (Leah/Monica/Chris)
 Tour Guide (Stephanie)
 Marketing Infographic (Stephanie)
 Food & Wine Classic in Aspen (Michaela)
 Japan & Korea Trade Tastings (Doug)
 Go West Tour & ProWein (Doug)
o International Marketing Strategy (Doug - 45 minutes)

• Communications Updates (15 minutes) –John Sportelli & Michaela Baltasar
o Taste WA Media Outreach
 In-Bound Media Tour (Michaela)
 Local Strategy (Averyl)
o Shared AVA In-Bound Media Tour w/Oregon Wine Board
o SF/NYC Contractor RFP Process

• Finance Committee (30 minutes) – Brett Scallan & Cayenne Chonette
o December Financials
o Harvest & Grape Reports

NOTE: At this point, there will be a shift in meeting format. No time limits have been established for each prioritized agenda item below in order to allow for a full discussion. We will break for lunch when it’s ready and return to the discussion at the conclusion of lunch.

Discussion: Prioritized Extended Meeting Topics (Up to 5:00PM) – Chris Sparkman

• FY’18 Strategic Plan Facilitator Presentations (Chris Stone) – Presentations by strategic plan facilitator finalists; in preparation for the Strategic Planning Retreat.

• FY’18 Strategic Plan Retreat (Chris Stone) – planning discussion
o Date & Location
o Expectations

• Review Industry Survey Comments (Steve Warner) – relevant to ongoing planning and FY’18 strategic planning.

• Joint Oregon Wine Board/Washington State Wine Commission Board Meeting (Steve Warner) – The OWB has board meetings four times a year. They are proposing a joint meeting in the Columbia Gorge (Hood River) on March 3rd. They would like to spend up to 90 minutes discussing areas of mutual interest (e.g. Research, Marketing, Joint AVAs, etc.).

• WSWC Role in Washington DC (Steve Warner) – discussion.

• Constituents (Brenton): Exactly who/what they are. How many entities do we represent that do not make wine? How many acres do they farm? How many wineries exist that do not grow grapes? How many cases do they produce? How many acres and cases of wine do the vertically integrated companies control? – discussion.

• All Other Business (10 min) – Chris Sparkman & Steve Warner
o February Board Meeting/WAWGG Annual Conference

The meeting is open to the public.