Washington State Wine Commission Board Meeting Agenda
May 12, 2017 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
World Trade Center
2200 Alaskan Way Suite 410, Seattle, WA 98121

• Welcome and Review of Agenda (5 minutes) – Brenton Roy
o Welcome to Guests
o Approval of April 14th Meeting Minutes

• Auction of Washington Wines (15 minutes) – Sherri Swingle

• Washington Wine Institute Update (15 minutes) – Josh McDonald

• Research Committee (15 minutes) – Dick Boushey
o Communications
o WRAC Update
o Washington Wine Industry Research Survey
o National Grape & Wine Policy Conference

• Domestic Marketing Updates (80 minutes) – Steve Griessel
o FY’18 Budget Discussion
o San Diego (TBD)
o IMW Tour
 IMW Tenth International Symposium – May/June 2022
o Washington State Wine Month
o TexSom
o Auction Events/Programming
o FEAST Portland
o Road Trip – Nominations, Timing, etc.

• International Marketing Updates (10 minutes) – Doug Marshall
o Quebec Media Tour
o Success Stories

• Communications Updates (20 minutes) –John Sportelli
o Wine Enthusiast retreat
o Recent media samples, hosting & upcoming opportunities
o Internal communications – communications survey initial results, Meltwater newsletter

• Finance Committee (10 minutes) – Brett Scallan
o KPI Financials Review

• All Other Business (10 min) – Brenton Roy

Per the Open Public Meetings Act, this meeting is open to the public.