Updated April 12, 2021

On April 12, Governor Inslee announced that on Friday, April 16, three counties will roll back to Phase 2. These counties include Pierce, Cowlitz and Whitman. At this time, all other counties in the state will remain in Phase 3. The governor will reevaluate in three weeks.

The full guidance for eating and drinking establishments can be found here. We encourage you to read through the entire guidance in full. 

In summary, the following is permitted:

Phase 2

  • Indoor service is permitted at 25% capacity.
  • Open-air service is permitted at up to 50% capacity. Note: Open-air service is different than outdoor service as detailed in the full guidance here.
  • Outdoor service is permitted.
  • Alcohol service must end at 11:00pm.
  • Table size is limited to 6 people per table, with 2 households maximum.

Phase 3

  • Indoor service is permitted at 50% capacity.
  • Outdoor service is permitted.
  • Alcohol service must end at midnight.
  • Table size is limited to 10 people per table, with no household restrictions.

Physical distancing and masking protocols must still be enforced, and there is still a minimal food requirement for indoor service (see below). 


Under the updated plan, the metrics of counties, not regions, will be individually evaluated every three weeks. The evaluations will occur on Mondays with any possible changes taking effect Friday. Large and small counties will have different sets of criteria, as seen in this chart. If any county fails both metrics, that county will move down one phase.

There is still a food requirement for indoor service, although it was updated on March 5. The new guidance requires either minimal food service or an allowance for food to be brought in from a restaurant. Please note that no longer are both required.

This document outlines the guidance for Open Air and Outdoor Seating Requirements (as of April 2021). 

LIVE ENTERTAINMENT (Updated 04/07/21)
The full guidance on live music and entertainment is here.

State leaders worked with Byron Marlow, Professor of Hospitality Management at WSU, to put together a comprehensive list of guidelines and suggested best practices for wineries. These best practices apply for both indoor and outdoor service.

Governor's COVID-19 Requirements
The Governor’s office is asking every business to adopt a written procedure for dine-in service that is at least as strict as the requirements, as linked above. The businesses must ensure strict adherence to all measures established by the State of Washington, DOH, DOL & L&I. 

Reopening Guidelines, Best Practices, and Checklist
State leaders worked with Byron Marlow, Professor of Hospitality Management at WSU, to put together a comprehensive list of guidelines and suggested best practices for wineries:

We worked with our industry partners to put together a FAQ with answers informed by state government officials. This will be updated regularly.


As of July 7, businesses statewide are required to refuse service to any customers refusing to wear a face covering. This includes both indoor and outdoor service. 

Exemptions include:

  • Children under the age of two should not wear face coverings. Children ages three and four are encouraged, but not required to wear a face covering.
  • Exemptions also include those with certain medical conditions who may be adversely impacted by wearing a facial covering. 
  • Customers may remove face coverings while seated (eating and drinking) or communicating with a person who is deaf or hard of hearing.


Governor's Office:
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Health Resources:
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Regional Travel & Tourism: 
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MEDIA: If you have an inquiry related to COVID-19 please reach out to Heather Bradshaw, Communications Director, hbradshaw@washingtonwine.org or (206) 495-5844.