Washington State Wine Commission Research Grant Program

2022-23 Request for Applications

Submission website opens December 1, 2020

Submit proposals by January 31, 2022  to Washington State Wine Commission at [email protected]

For information, contact: Melissa Hansen, Research Program Director at  [email protected]

 Washington State Wine Commission Research Grant Program 
AboutCompetitive grant program of the Washington State Wine Commission. Funds intermediate (up to three years) projects.Funding comes from assessments paid by all Washington wine grape growers and wineries.Principal investigators are encouraged to use the Unified Grant Management for Viticulture and Enology website. UGM coordinates grant applications and review among multiple funding agencies.UGM website opens Dec. 1, 2020, submission deadline is Jan. 31, 2021.Proposals are reviewed by the Wine Research Advisory Committee, a subcommittee of the Washington State Wine Commission; Committee funding recommendations approved by Washington State Wine Commission Board of Directors.Principal investigator can be located within or outside Washington State.
Eligible ProjectsResearch must be relevant to Washington viticulture and enology, with overall goal of improving Washington wine quality. Research priority categories include: Fermentation ManagementAroma and Flavor Compounds in WineViticulture Production Efficiency and ProfitabilityPest Management (including sustainable and organic)Climate Impacts on Site/ViticultureMechanization/Precision Viticulture and Enology Winery WasteResearch partnerships and collaborative projects between Washington scientists and researchers elsewhere are highly encouraged. Proposals will be held by Wine Commission and will not be returned.No limit to number of proposals submitted by each PI.
Review ProcessApplications determined by Wine Commission Research Program Director to be complete and meeting research criteria will be invited for presentation at the Research Review on February 22-23, 2023. Teleconferencing available for those unable to attend. Industry members attending Review will rank proposals for importance; Wine Research Advisory Committee will make funding recommendations for approval by Wine Commission Board.All proposals will be held confidential.Funding announcement will be made by the first week of May.
Grant CriteriaEvaluation criteria for new applications include:Relevance and importance to Washington wine industry.Compliance with application format, length and completeness.Budget is appropriate to meet objectives.Scientific merit.Outreach plan brings research findings to Washington wine industry.Consideration of continuing proposals will be contingent on receipt of mid-year and annual/progress reports from investigators funded the previous year(s) and based on progress documented, as well as the continuing merit and promise of accomplishment.
Funding The Wine Commission is program administrator and handles grant accounting. A signed private contractor/institution agreement is required. Funds will be disbursed in two installments over a 12-month period: First installment – upon receipt of signed agreement (on or after July 1)Second installment – receipt of satisfactory progress or final report (progress report may be included in application for continuing support)Projects may be funded maximum of three years. Ongoing projects are eligible for renewal after initial three-year period.
Budget RequestContinuation of projects must be justified annually. Prepare sufficiently detailed budget that reflects request for first year and projection for entire project.Indicate budget allocation (percentage) for each proposed objective.
Budget LimitationsIndirect costs/overhead charges are not covered. Awards cannot be used for:Tuition or tuition reimbursement.Travel not related to project, travel to Research Review.
ReportingWine Research Advisory Committee members assigned as Lead for each funded project will serve as industry link for the PI. Mid-year updates should be sent to the WRAC Lead.Key reporting dates are:For continued funding of ongoing projects, annual reports are due January 31, 2023 and must be submitted with the continuing proposal.Mid-year interim update (paragraph summary of progress) due to Lead October 1, 2023.Final report due June 30 of the project’s last year.Submit continuing and final reports to: [email protected]
OutreachIndustry outreach and education plan is critical for PIs outside Washington to share how research results will be brought to the Washington wine industry. Plan should include presentation by PI (or designee), conducted in person or remotely, at Washington wine industry at events such as WAVE research seminar, WA Winegrape Growers annual convention. The annual progress and final report will include:Approximately 500-word-summary (in lay terms) of the project (overview, key findings, specific accomplishments, how results may be used in the vineyard or winery, etc.). Final summary due at final report deadline.Summary will be used to communicate progress with shareholders and may be posted on the Wine Commission’s website, newsletters or WSU newsletters.
PublicityAll publicity/media/posters, etc. produced related to this project must appropriately acknowledge the Washington State Wine Commission: This research was funded in whole/or part by all Washington State wine grape growers and wineries through the Washington State Wine Commission.
SubmissionsApplications part of Unified Grant Management for Viticulture and Enology must be submitted electronically at: http://fps.ucdavis.edu/vit by January 31, 2023, with a copy electronically submitted to: [email protected].

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