Annual progress reports are limited to 20 pages, including graphs, tables, and figures. Please do not exceed this limit. There are no limitations on the length of final reports. Use 12-point Times New Roman, 1” margins left, right and top and a 1.5” margin at the bottom that includes page numbers. The proposal should include 9 sections. Indicate each section with bold titles as shown below and include the requested details:

1. Summary: On a separate page and in approximately 500 words, provide a concise summary in lay terms of the specific accomplishments for the past year funded. (For final reports, the summary should speak to the project.)  The summary should include the project title and principal investigator’s name listed at the top. This summary is an essential part of any research project and will be used to communicate progress to stakeholders. Summaries for may be posted on the Washington State Wine Commission web site and included in research newsletters.

2. Annual or Final Report: Clearly indicate whether this is an annual progress report for a continuing project or final report. The final report should summarize all years of the project.

3. Project Title: Include the proposal title.

4. Principal Investigator/Cooperator(s): Name, institutional affiliation, address, phone number and e-mail.

5. Objective(s) and Experiments Conducted to Meet Stated Objective(s): The report objectives should match the objectives in the original proposal.

6. Summary of Major Research Accomplishments and Results by Objective

7. Outreach and Education Efforts – Presentations of Research: List of journals, publications, reports, speeches, posters and other presentations developed for this research. Describe your strategy for communicating research results to end-users and stakeholders.

8. Research Success Statements: In a few sentences, describe in detail how your research program benefits the viticulture industry. For example, “This research has provided vintners/growers with the essential tools to control…” These statements are different from the project summary in that they specifically indicate how the research benefits industry rather than summarizing progress.

9. Funds Status: Include a general summary of how funds were spent. (Copy of budget tables is acceptable if accurate.)

Deadline for submission is January 31, 2023. If you are applying directly to the Washington State Wine Commission, submit your proposal directly to the Wine Commission’s Research Program Director, Melissa Hansen: [email protected] . Final reports are due to [email protected] by June 30 of the last year of funding.

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