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Road Trip Washington Wine 

Each year, a select group of the country's most influential trade come to Washington State and immerse themselves in wine country with those who live and work there. Road Trip travels from Seattle to Walla Walla and features small group exercises in the vineyards and wineries, focused seminars, regional tastings, dining experiences and some serious fun with the leaders of our industry. The best part? This all happens during the most exciting time of the year – HARVEST.

Road Trip Includes

  • The “typicity” of Washington’s different regions
  • Trial samples of different barrel samples
  • Oak vs. non-oak
  • Fermentation / different yeasts / fermentation temps
  • Grapes:  What do we grow?  What ripens when?
  • Varying vinification methods to achieve stylistic differences
  • Cap management / phenolic optimization
  • Punch downs (manual or mechanical) / pump overs
  • Aeration techniques
  • Fermentation – speed, temperature, yeast, vessel size, maceration
  • Irrigation needs
  • Pressing:  free-run vs. press juice
  • Blending of vineyards / AVAs / varieties in a given vintage
  • Canopy management
  • What does oak do to wine?  Toast levels, country/forest, size, cooper, age, etc.
  • Time in oak – how long do different wines stay in and why?
  • Barrel hygiene - cleaning barrels via pressure washing, ozone, proxy clean, S02 application
  • Fruit assessment / berry weight / cluster weight / skin thickness
  • Phenolic maturity ripeness - when to pick and clonal differences
  • Tasting of grapes from different clones / blocks / aspects in vineyards
  • Sustainability in grape growing
  • Yield management

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Trip dates: September 15-19, 2019


  • “The culture turned out to be what I took home with me. The atmosphere is casual and unpretentious. The hosts and locals are so incredibly excited for what is happening and developing in Washington and everyone is eager to share their passion. It was like being in a big stadium of everyone rooting for the same team and campaigning for good, honest wine.”

    Gabriel Zdrojkowski, 2018
    Binny's Beverage Depot, Chicago, IL
  • I’ve traveled on 5 continents on wine trips and this is one of the best executed I’ve attended.
    Ronald Randall, 2018
    Il Ritorno, St. Petersburg, FL
  • “For an industry that is relatively young, they are producing remarkable wines that have a sense of place. The range of wines that can come from all sides of Washington offer tremendous versatility for anyone who enjoys all styles, colors and flavors. Overall, a great state for growing grapes with the potential to be even better.”

    Scott Ota, 2018
    High Street Wine Co., San Antonio, TX
  • "I have been on several different wine trips in the US and abroad, and I can confidently say that Road Trip Washington Wine is the most rewarding and well run program that I have experienced. The hard work, attention to detail, and overall execution of this event by the WSWC staff was nothing short of remarkable. This was an amazing educational experience!:

    Bill Elsey, 2018
    Pappas Brothers Steakhouse, Houston, TX
  • “Just when I think I have a handle on the types of wines coming out of this state, I try something new that blows me away. They are only getting better!”

    Emily Edeen, 2018
    Canlis Restaurant, Seattle, WA

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