2010 Stats

  • 45 Attendees
  • 17 U.S. States Represented
  • 475 Approx. Miles Traveled
  • 40 Vineyards & Wineries Participating
  • 2 Suitcases Lost
  • 1 Taco Truck in a Vineyard

2010 Road Trip Itinerary

Day 1

Sunday, September 26th


10:00 am - 4:00 pm: Road Trip Shuttle from Sea-Tac to Edgewater Hotel

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm: Room check-in and Road Trip registration in Edgewater Hotel lobby

4:00 pm: Washington Wine Primer w/ Shayn Bjornholm, MS at the Edgewater Hotel

4:30 pm: Hop the Shuttle from Hotel to Welcome Reception at the Space Needle

4:45 pm: Seattle Road Trip Welcome Reception with the 11 AVA’s of Washington

6:15 pm: Free Time in Seattle

Day 2

Monday, September 27th

Walla Squared

5:30 am: Courtesy wakeup call

6:00 am: Hop the Bus for Sea-Tac Airport

7:50 am: Fly to Tri-Cities – Horizon Air #2102

8:45 am: Hop the Bus to Walla Walla Vineyards (with Breakfast on the Bus)

10:00 am: Walla Walla Valley Vineyard Exercise

Seven Hills Vineyard
Spring Valley Vineyard
Woodward Canyon Estate Vineyard

12:15 pm: Walla Walla Valley Luncheon at Brasserie 4

1:30 pm: Walla Walla Valley Winery Exercise Hosts’ Attendee Pick Up at Brasserie 4

1:45 pm: Walla Walla Valley Winery Exercises

Buty Winery
Dusted Valley Vintners
Gramercy Cellars
K Vintners
L’Ecole No. 41
Long Shadows Vintners
Pepper Bridge Winery
Seven Hills Winery
Sleight of Hand
Waterbrook Winery

4:00 pm: Check-in at Marcus Whitman & Downtime

5:40 pm: Hop the Bus to Regional Tasting/Dinner at Leonetti Cellar

6:00 pm: Walla Walla Valley Regional Tasting at Leonetti Cellar

7:30 pm: Walla Walla Valley Dinner at Leonetti Cellar

9:30 pm: Hop the Bus to Beer Hall at Walla Walla Wine Works

10:00 pm: Beer Hall hosted by Walla Walla Wine Works

11:00 pm: Good Night!

Day 3

Tuesday, September 28th

Once, Twice, Three Time A City

6:45 am: Wake up call

7:30 am: Hop the Bus to Tri Cities

8:30 am: Columbia Valley/Red Mountain Vineyard Exercise

Ciel du Cheval Vineyard
Goose Ridge Vineyard
Grand Rêve

10:30 am: Hop the Bus to Washington State University – Tri-Cities

11:15 am: Common Ground Seminar: Ciel du Cheval Vineyard at WSU

12:30 pm: Gordon Brothers Winery Luncheon at WSU

1:45 pm: Tri-Cities/Red Mountain Winery Exercise Hosts’ Attendee Pick Up

2:15 pm: Tri-Cities/Red Mountain Winery Exercises

Badger Mountain Vineyard and Powers Winery
J. Bookwalter Winery
Col Solare
Hedges Family Estate
Hightower Cellars
Pacific Rim
Terra Blanca Winery

4:30 pm: Check-in at Richland Courtyard by Marriott & Down Time

5:45 pm: Hop on the bus to Regional Tasting/Dinner at Canyon Ranch

6:30 pm: Tri-Cities/Red Mountain/Yakima Valley Regional Tasting at Canyon Ranch 7:45 pm: Dinner at Canyon Ranch followed by Pool Hall

10:00: pm: Hop the Bus to Richland Courtyard by Marriott

11:15 pm: Good Night!

Day 4

Wednesday, September 29th

No (Cascade) Mountains High Enough

6:45 am: Wake up call

7:30 am: Hop the Bus to Yakima Valley

8:45 am: Yakima Valley Vineyard Exercises

Boushey Vineyards
DuBrul Vineyard
Red Willow Vineyard
Two Blondes Vineyard

10:45 am: Hop the Bus to Red Willow Vineyard

11:30 am: Columbia Winery Red Willow Library Wine Reception at Red Willow Vineyard

12:00 pm: Syrah in Washington State at Red Willow at Red Willow Vineyard

1:15 pm: Taco Truck and Cervezas at Red Willow Vineyard

2:00 pm: Hop the Bus to the Suncadia Mountain Lodge

3:30 pm: Check in to Suncadia Mountain Lodge/Down Time

7:00 pm: Top of the Cascades Dinner at Swiftwater Cellars

Barrister Winery
Milbrandt Vineyards Winery
Nefarious Winery
Swiftwater Cellars
Syncline Winery

9:30 pm: Beer Hall at Suncadia Mountain Lodge

10:30 pm: Good Night!

Day 5

Thursday, September 30th


7:00 am: Wake up call

7:45 am: Hop the Bus to Columbia Winery

9:30 am: Woodinville Winery Exercise Hosts’ Attendee Pick Up at Columbia Winery

9:45 am: Woodinville Winery Exercises

Betz Family Winery
Brian Carter Cellars
Chateau Ste. Michelle
JM Cellars
Sparkman Cellars

12:00 pm: Merlot in Washington State Seminar at Columbia Winery

1:00 pm: Woodinville Regional Tasting at Columbia Winery

2:15 pm: La Paulée de Woodinville at Chateau Ste. Michelle

2:45 pm: Washington State Wine Thank You/Superlatives

3:45 pm: Official Good Bye and Thank You!

4:15 pm: Hop the Shuttles to Sea-Tac & Downtown

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September 19-23, 2021


  • “Amazing trip, I've learn so much about Washington in such a short time! It will definitely help me promote more Washington wine on my list. Lots of story to tell. I had so much fun, surrounded by a group of well-educated wine geeks not only increased my knowledge in wine but in life as well. The trip was so well organize, Thank you so much!!! I really look forward going back to Washington and do a vintage!”

    Van Doren Chan, 2010
    Salt Tasting Room, Vancouver, BC
  • “It was an amazing time and I've been talking to everyone about the activities and how much I learned in the process. I cannot express enough how smoothly the entire trip went. Moving from place to place was a breeze and there was never a point where I felt bogged down in travel - it was broken up perfectly. Great job!”

    Robert Harpest III, 2010
    Jar Restaurant, Los Angeles, CA
  • “The road trip was an incredible experience. It gave me access to so many wines, winemakers, vineyards and most of all, people passionate about Washington Wine. Everything from the tastings and seminars to getting our hands dirty in the wineries and vineyards gave me an extremely well rounded experience and view of Washington's wine industry. Thank you to everyone at the Washington Wine Commission and everyone else involved.”

    Patricia Ely, 2010
    Bourbon Steak, Washington, DC
  • “I keep telling people this was one of the best trips I have ever been on. I learned so much and met so many great people. It was the little things that made it so great and I know how hard you guys all must have worked to keep things running smoothly. Thanks so much for everything.”

    Melissa Monosoff, 2010
    Savona Restaurant, Gulph Mills, PA
  • “Awesome.......I've been running away from cab, merlot and blends from the new world for the last few years, and totally fell in love with them all over again while there......my wife and pinot noir will be very jealous. I must go now, I'm very delicate and think I need a hug or bottle of Owen roe 73 vineyard cab....you cats rock, great gig…”

    Heath Porter, 2010
    The Greenbrier Resort, White Sulphur Springs, WV
  • “I thought the trip was extremely well organized and it had a great balance between learning and fun time. I also thought some of the focus exercises were extremely beneficial and offered a different perspective for many of the visits and a well thought out approach to understanding WA wines and the philosophies of the winemakers. Overall a great trip! I liked that the tastings remained open and casual. I never felt like any of the producers were trying to force sales on me. No pressure.”

    Dustin Wilson, 2010
    Eleven Madison Park, New York, NY
  • “Wow - I'm not sure how else to say it. I cannot imagine how a trip could be more educational, or more fun than the WWC Road Trip - the way the trip was organized was fantastic - between winery, vineyard and group activities, the balance was perfect. Everything was over the top without being too much. You have clearly taken the best ideas from others' trips and put together a package that can only really have one result - it will really make you want to talk non-stop about Washington wines. Bravo!!!”

    Andy McNamara, 2010
    Premier Beverage Company, Miramar, FL

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