“Just when I think I have a handle on the types of wines coming out of this state, I try something new that blows me away. They are only getting better!”

Emily Edeen, Canlis Restaurant
Seattle, WA

"I have been on several different wine trips in the US and abroad, and I can confidently say that Road Trip Washington Wine is the most rewarding and well run program that I have experienced. The hard work, attention to detail, and overall execution of this event by the WSWC staff was nothing short of remarkable. This was an amazing educational experience!:

Bill Elsey, Pappas Brothers Steakhouse
Houston, TX

“For an industry that is relatively young, they are producing remarkable wines that have a sense of place. The range of wines that can come from all sides of Washington offer tremendous versatility for anyone who enjoys all styles, colors and flavors. Overall, a great state for growing grapes with the potential to be even better.”

Scott Ota, High Street Wine Co.
San Antonio, TX

I’ve traveled on 5 continents on wine trips and this is one of the best executed I’ve attended.

Ronald Randall, Il Ritorno
St. Petersburg, FL

“The culture turned out to be what I took home with me. The atmosphere is casual and unpretentious. The hosts and locals are so incredibly excited for what is happening and developing in Washington and everyone is eager to share their passion. It was like being in a big stadium of everyone rooting for the same team and campaigning for good, honest wine.”

Gabriel Zdrojkowski, Binny's Beverage Depot
Chicago, IL

“Thank you very much, this was a very valuable trip to experience. All of the staff were very helpful, fun and well educated about various things Washington, from start to finish.”

Chicago, IL

“This wine trip was by far one of the best organized, communicated and enjoyable trips I've ever been on. Kudos to the WSWC team!”

Pocantico Hills, NY

“Road Trip was more in-depth, thought-out and integrated than any educational/promotional program I've experienced… Simple, beautiful meals made with fresh produce from the middle of harvest. Perfect pairings highlighting the complexity of wines… Along with an incredibly integrated learning experience, I made forever-friends. I feel very fortunate to be an official WA Road Trip Alumni! Reunion tour soon?”

Erica Catubig, The Carlile Room
Seattle, WA

“I have attended many wine related buying trips. Road Trip was by far one of the best in terms of organization, energy and vineyard participation, and I enjoyed the pace of the trip. Though very busy, nothing ran on too long, which helps during long days. I TRULY appreciated the diligence of the crew and vineyards to keep everyone on time!”

Sally Campa, Vino Volo
Richmond, BC

“I've been on several tours during my 23 years in the business. This was one of the best-organized events I've had the pleasure to attend… Excellent tour, good group of staff and I'm glad I had a chance to finally meet all of them. You can count on our continued support going forward!”

Robert Cavanaugh, Adventure Wines
Gaithersburg, MD

“Some of the best food I have ever had on a wine trip - fresh, local and healthy mix of meat and veggies. Also when I came home I was wondering why there was not a coffee lady in my living room…coffee cart: BEST IDEA EVER. This was an amazing trip. Educational and very well organized. Thank you.”

Kimberly Cavoores, Cafe d'Alsace
New York, NY

“This was one of the most organized, fun, detail oriented, educational and upbeat wine trips that I have been on - and I’ve been on about seven. I cannot say enough good things about this experience. I am very blessed and fortunate to have been given this opportunity. I feel that this trip has better equipped me as an ambassador/advocate for Washington state wines… Many, many, many thanks. Everyone was wonderful and accommodating. I am so very thankful for a wonderful experience.”

Wanda Cole-Nicholson, Salpic├│n
Chicago, IL

“Hospitality was amazing; best staff who were focused on both making sure things ran smoothly but also that we were enjoying ourselves. So greatly appreciated! Thank you all!”

Vincent Comunale, Harvest Restaurants
Morris Plains, NJ

"Everything was excellent and more than I expected!

James Fryar, Total Wine & More
Fort Worth, TX

“Overall, excellent trip and I've been on a few!”

Brittany Gardner, Total Wine & More
Naples, FL

“Thank you for putting on such a great program. I can't say enough about your staff; every single person was so great. I have already started looking at where I can test a few Washington wines and look forward to seeing what they can do. Thanks again.”

Carly Hicok, Costco Wholesale
San Diego, CA

“Accommodations were fantastic, the general goodwill and hospitality from the "crew" towards the "attendees" was amazing. The winery hosts and the Commission staff were more than gracious and truly cared about us and made us feel welcome… The experience provided by the WSWC was more than top notch! The wines are excellent and actually going to these locations, both the wineries and vineyards really solidifies the deep understanding that is necessary to be gained to understand Washington Wines on the most intimate of levels. In our vineyard exercises, we kicked up the dirt, plucked grapes from the vine, worked the sorting tables, did punch downs, watched lab work being done and inoculated must…I learned a great deal about the wines of Washington! They need to be experienced by the world. I will do my part in helping others to experience these fine wines… I want to thank the entire Road trip crew and all the wineries that made this trip happen! It was honestly an amazing trip!  Also, the Seattle Espresso cart was a genius idea!”

Anthony Mueller, Private Beverage Consulting
Napa, CA

“Thank you so much for a great experience! I will always remember this trip with great fondness and I take away a breadth of deeper knowledge on Washington State wines. We will all benefit from this trip [my staff, my guests, my network, you guys...]!!! Thank you to the moon and back for your outstanding hospitality, energy, and organization.”

Kelly Peterson Bates, The Boarding House
Chicago, IL

“It was very well organized. I really appreciate the great lengths the staff went to make sure everyone was comfortable and happy… Thanks for such an educational and memorable experience. You guys are the best!”

Amanda Reed, Heartwood
Seattle, WA

“I look forward to bringing Washington State wines to my list and hope to visit again soon. I will make sure to stay in touch. Thanks again for all of your hard work. It's hard to take off time for myself but this trip was not only educational beyond measure, but a lot of fun. Thank you!!!”

Michelle Richards, St. Johns Restaurant
Chattanooga, TN

“This was a fantastic experience in all ways: from the people (both staff and fellow attendees), to the networking opportunities with winemakers and vineyard properties, and others on the trip, to the the dozens of Washington wines represented and tasted, as well as the seminars and educational resources provided. And not least, this trip was wildly fun as well!”

Amber Rill, Corkbuzz
New York, NY

“This was the third such trip I have been a part of and one of the two most fun, Spain being the other and let's face it, Spain is tough to compete with. The Wash State trip was really well organized without making it feel too regimented which can definitely take away some of the fun. I walked away with a profoundly different view of Washington wines as a whole... You guys killed it!!”

Jarred Roth, RiverPark
New York, NY

“The trip was incredible - we all had a blast and learned a ton!”

Charles Schmidt, Cohn Restaurant Group
San Diego, CA

“This was my first organized wine trip and it was fantastic! It was very organized, informative and fun! …Everything was excellent. I loved how each venue was distinctly different. We were definitely well fed and well drank on the trip! …Everyone had good energy, and with switching groups we got to meet people from all over the country and make connections. I loved the themed buses with snacks and drinks to keep the long bus rides enjoyable (time seemed to fly). Definitely was bummed to have to leave.”

Wendy Shoemaker, Marriot's Marina Kitchen
San Diego, CA

“One of the best education trips I've ever been on… Send Patty to my house in the morning with the Espresso machine so that I can have some more of the crack coffee of hers!”

Jamie Stratton, Jacob Liquor Exchange
Wichita, KS

“Thank you for a fantastic trip that went above and beyond in many ways.”

Fargo, ND

“I cannot thank you enough for the amazing experience. You spoiled me so! Your staff is wonderful, the girls made a special trip for me to get bb cream and contact solution and I appreciate how above and beyond that was. Kudos to all of you!”

San Diego, CA

“I can honestly say, this is one of the best trips that I've been on in my entire career.”

Jill Zimorski, Alinea Restaurant
Chicago, IL

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