Candy Mountain

  • Established in 2020, Candy Mountain sits to the southeast of Red Mountain and is within the Yakima Valley AVA and the larger Columbia Valley AVA.
  • At 815 acres, Candy Mountain is the smallest AVA in Washington. There are currently 110 acres of vineyards, almost all of which are red varieties.
  • Candy Mountain is part of a chain of four mountains in the area, which also include Red Mountain, Badger Mountain, and Little Badger Mountain.
  • The AVA is located on an isolated mountain with excellent cold air drainage that rises above lower elevation plains.
  • A very large percentage of the AVA faces to the south, enhancing solar radiation and allowing the soils to warm quickly in the spring.
  • The soils, especially on the upper slopes, are shallower than those of the surrounding plains, allowing vine roots to penetrate to the underlying basalt bedrock or ice age flood deposits.