Browne Family Vineyards

Washington's Definitive Cabernet Produced in Walla Walla.

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Available for tasting at the Waterbrook Winery Tasting Room 10518 W Highway 12 Walla Walla, WA 99362 Sun-Th 10AM to 6PM, F-Sat 10AM to 7PM

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Variety List
Cabernet Sauvignon

Our Story

From Andrew Browne, Founder, Browne Family Vineyards

Browne Family Vineyards is dedicated to my grandfather, who inspired me to be the determined and hard working person I am today. William Bitner Browne dedicated his life and used his abilities to help people, from his heroic efforts during World War II and the Korean War to his tireless commitment to his community and law firm.

Beyond the service to his community, my grandfather also had a strong appreciation for fine wine. His passion for wine began in the 1930s when he was given the opportunity to study at the University of Bordeaux in France. Decades later my grandfather entrusted in me that spirit and passion behind great wine. Inspired by his passion, Browne Family Vineyards will continue to make wines that my grandfather would be proud of.

Browne is our family name and with it comes a responsibility for quality, craftsmanship and commitment now and in the future.

We developed Browne Family to showcase the high quality Washington wine that our world class growers and winemakers produce. Browne Family has been a work in progress for the past fifteen years from the development in the vineyards to selecting the winemaking team that understood our vision of what a great wine meant. The finished product is a wine that over delivers.

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