Next stop: Tampa, FL

Wine will travel, and Washington Wine is hitting the road! We’ve selected Tampa Bay, FL as our next target market. Every 3 years, we select a new target market to focus our attention on, with the goal to grow awareness and drive demand for Washington Wine nationally. These destinations are determined by a number of factors, including established distribution in the market, potential of our resources and attention to further expand our presence, ease of travel for wineries.

A woman wearing a colorful striped shirt and shorts and a man wearing a ballcap and shorts sit on the ground in front of a large potted plant. Each pours wine from a bottle into a glass  that the other is holding and they are smiling broadly.
Photo Courtesy Taima Ramsey, WA Wine Ambassador 2019-2020

Join us as we bring WA Wine to everyone’s doorstep.

As we plan our upcoming Target Market campaign in Tampa Bay, Florida, you can expect to see inbound tours of trade and media influencers throughout Washington wine country, large-scale Washington Wine trade tastings, regional advertising campaigns, educational seminars, activation in select local events, and retailer and restaurant partnerships.

Two women show off their WA Wine temporary tattoos with their arms held out. They are standing on a lawn in front of many other people in chairs and standing.

The Science of Target Markets

A lot goes into choosing a target market. It’s nearly a six-month process with our agency of record, as well as our Board of Commissioners, where we analyze every single detail about these markets. We look at demographics (market size by percentage of age groups, mean income, etc), receptivity (which we assess on things like looking at our current DTC sales in that state as well as average number of bottles of WA wine consumed by an individual annually, etc), barriers (things like radio cost, TV media cost, if the state is franchised or not, etc), and so much more. The whole goal in this Target Market approach is enable our Washington wineries to come with us, and be able to sell their wine in these states. There’s no better feeling than seeing more bottles of WA wine hitting new state’s shelves. If you have any questions about our methodology, please do not hesitate to reach out to Chris Stone, VP of Marketing & Communications, at

A man with a beard, glasses, and sun hat kisses his bicep where there is a WA Wine temporary tattoo.
People loving our WA Wine tattoos in Austin for Hot Luck, when it was 100+ degrees.

Prior Target Markets

Over the last 10+ years, this program has been an active and effective part of WA Wine’s programming, and we look forward to continued success in expanding our national presence in important and growing markets. For reference, past target markets have included: Austin, TX; Denver, CO; Washington, DC; Chicago, IL; Minneapolis, MN, Phoenix, AZ; and San Diego, CA.

A man with curly brown hair juggles objects in front of Washington poster.

Get Involved

Are you a Washington winery interested in participating in our Target Market activations? Are you a distributor in Florida looking to bring on new brands? Are you a retailer or restaurant that wants to partner up, or trade member that is interested in learning more? Get in touch with Mac Pedersen, Senior Marketing Manager, at to learn more.

A chalkboard sign in a wood frame with the words "Welcome #WAwine" written on it.
Our welcome sign at our event in Austin, TX.

You’ll always find us on both coasts.

In addition to our Target Market approach, we are active year-round up and down the east and west coast. We have contractors in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as New York City, as they are vital markets for the domestic wine industry, and places where many of our wineries hold a national presence. We work with partner agencies in each of these markets (R/West in NYC; O’Donnell Lane in SF) to remain top of mind with key influencers in the trade and media sectors.

Should you have any questions about the SF or NY markets, please reach out to Heather Bradshaw, Communications Director, at

View from the back of a seminar room with many people seated at long tables with glasses of wine in front of each person. The front wall is a series of large windows and four people stand at podiums at the front.
Oakland Trade & Media Seminar at Sunset Magazine, 2017