The tradition of breaking tradition.

Behind every single bottle of WA wine is not one person, but a community. We have a saying here: a rising tide floats all boats. That’s because from grapes to glass to you, Washington wine is a deeply human pursuit. There is no shortage of personality, character, and expression in our wine. We’re thrilled to introduce you to the stories, voices, and heartbeat of Washington: the people who have made, and continue to make, what WA Wine is today. This is us, this is now. 

WA Wine Spotlight

Get to Know our Sustainable WA Grape Growers

Meet the Growers! Our Sustainable WA Grower Stories highlight the importance of the Sustainable WA certification program from the perspective of wine grape growers in Washington.

We’re in a growth spurt, and we have the room to grow.

There are clues everywhere that hint at what makes Washington wine so Washington. Fractured basalt, the diurnal shift, the rain shadow effect, and so much more. It’s why we say we’re unparalleled, and why some say we’re the best of both worlds. If you’ve never set foot on the eastern side of our state, or traveled to the four corners of our grape growing regions, you’re in for endless discovery. So go uncork that bottle of Washington wine in your fridge, pour yourself a glass, and sip back as we share stories from across time, place, and space. Nobody tastes like us, because nobody looks like us.

The Sommlight Podcast

Hosted by Washington Wine’s Marketing Director David Flaherty, Sommlight is a conversation series that unveils the other side of sommeliers and wine professionals, showcasing their humor, humanity, and depth. Everyone knows that when a somm is on the floor, it’s clockwork. What we don’t know is, when they’re off the floor, what makes them tick? Join us as we pull apart the archetype and see what makes somms — some of the most humble and brilliant humans to grace this earth — feel most alive. Tune in to the podcast below, but make sure to learn more about the program here. If you like what you hear, tap Watch above to see the 15-minute video versions.