Washington’s wine research program is one of a few in the world funded by all wine grape growers and wineries in the state, guided and driven by industry, and with results accessible to all vintners and wine grape growers. Learn about how our program started, how its funded, and where we’re going.
A bald man with glasses touches a piece of equipment in a science lab. A young man in a black beanie stands next to him and watches.
Viticulture and enology research is part of our DNA.
Dick Boushey, Grower, Boushey Vineyards
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Far-Reaching Research is Just Getting Started

The Washington Wine industry, five years into its stepped-up investment in research, is well on its way to creating a world-class research program. The results of the industry’s investment in research are detailed in this Five-Year Impact Report. Key highlights include the opening of the WSU Wine Science Center, sustainably funding more than $1 million in research projects since 2017, and the creation of the industry’s own research grant program.
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