WA Wine is meant to be shared.

It’s also meant to be celebrated. And if there’s one thing we’re not so silent about, it’s sipping, supporting, and celebrating our local wineries, farmers, and small businesses. Let us introduce you to how we do things in Washington State: while we sip-celebrate Washington wine year-round, for two months of the years — March and August — we pull out all the stops and spend thirty-one days showcasing what makes Washington wine so special.

Known as our “Wine Months,” each one is known for something different: in March, Washington Wine country comes to the city of Seattle for Taste Washington, which is one of the largest food and wine events in the country; and in August, or what we like to call WAugust, we encourage everyone to celebrate Washington wine – at winery events, with back-yard shin-dings, picnicking in parks with your fav local wine, or choosing WA wine at sporting events. This is also the best time to make a trip to Washington Wine Country, to explore our eight wine-touring regions, 1,000+ wineries, and 20 AVAs.


Taste Washington Tickets On Sale Now!

Discover a feast for the senses at Taste Washington! From March 14 to 24, choose from a variety of extraordinary events showcasing the best in food and wine experiences.
Badger Mountain, Prosser, WA (Yakima Valley/Red Mountain AVAs)
Abeja Inn & Winery, Walla Walla, WA
Fidelitas, Red Mountain AVA
Chateau Lill, Woodinville, WA
Walla Walla Valley AVA
Lone Point Cellars, Brewster, WA
Fielding Hills Winery, Lake Chelan, WA

Support Local Wineries and Restaurants

The essence of Wine Months is to celebrate our local food and wine industries. During these two months, we host all kinds of amazing experiences, from winemakers dinners at local restaurants, to featured food and wine pairings at our wineries. You’ll see all kinds of incredible take-out options that provide you with a 360-degree local experience, so text your taste buds, because this month is all about exploring and supporting your local communities. Washington Wine also partners extensively with large retailers — Kroger, Safeway, Whole Foods, Metropolitan Market, QFC, Fred Meyer, PCC, to name a few — to implement large in-store features, broad-scale advertising campaigns, point-of-sale creatives. Any and all means to drive awareness, excitement, and sales of WA Wine around the state, we make it happen. So make sure to drop by your local outlets in March and August to stock on your favorite bottles of Washington Wine.

A wooden table with a metal cup lined with parchment paper and holding onion rings, a bottle of wine, and a glass of white wine. A hand holds the glass and a torso is out of focus behind the table.
Photo Courtesy of Steph Forrer, featuring DeLille Cellars

The Guide to Your Next Glass

We created a brand-new mobile app, called “Map My WA Wine,” which is your guide to your next glass of WA wine. Open your App store to get this incredible resource at your fingertips, and use it on your next wine-cation. Explore our eight wine-touring regions, 20 AVAs, and 1,000+ wineries in the app, and build that perfect itinerary. Take that day or weekend trip you’ve always been wanting to take: go to Lake Chelan and see the 3rd deepest lake in the country or spend some time along the Columbia River, which is the water source for our wine industry. Make that iconic drive from Seattle to Walla Walla, but don’t overlook all the beauty in between: Yakima, Red Mountain, Candy Mountain, and so much more. To help you find your way, download our app onto your phone, and you’ll always be one click away from finding that next glass of wine.