We work on behalf of the state of Washington and its wineries and growers.

The mission of the Washington State Wine Commission is to raise awareness and demand for Washington State wine through marketing and education, while supporting viticulture and enology research to drive industry growth.

People line two sides of a long table, talking and pouring wine. A bucket of ice and bottles of wine are closest to the viewer and bright yellow sun pierces between the people.
A Regional Tasting on the deck of Doubleback Winery during our acclaimed Road Trip program in 2019

We are a state government agency that represents all licensed wineries and grape growers in the entire state. It’s our mission, purpose, and promise to support every winery and wine grape farmer in Washington by raising awareness and demand of Washington wine. Below is more information about who we are, how we’re structured, and what we work towards.

The Wine Commission

The Washington State Wine Commission represents every licensed winery and every wine grape grower in Washington State. Guided by an appointed board, the Commission provides a marketing platform to raise positive awareness of the Washington State wine industry and generate greater demand for its wines. Funded almost entirely by the industry – through assessments based on grape ($12/ton) and wine sales (< 2 cents/bottle)—the Commission is a state government agency, established by the legislature in 1987.

Our Board Structure

The Commission was constituted under the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) and is governed by an appointed board of commissioners. Our Board is made up of 13 members that represent the industry, from large to small wineries and growers, to those on the east and west of the state. The Washington Winegrowers Association nominates the grower seats to the WSDA, and the Washington Wine Institute nominates producer seats to WSDA. Each Board Member is appointed for 3-year term by the head of the Department of Agriculture. See more about our Board here.

What do we (not) do?

Our primary goal is to help drive the growth of Washington’s wine industry. We raise awareness and demand for Washington Wine through marketing, communications, research, and education, on local, national, and international levels (to note: our International Program is funded by USDA Grants, not by the industry assessments). We also achieve this through our industry-driven Research Program and WSU Wine Science Center, which is located in the heart of Washington wine country, and represents the industry’s focus on its future. Some of the things that we do not do include lobbying, regulatory activities (WSLCB, TTB, EPA et al), broker distribution deals, operational consulting, or sell wine.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple: to be recognized as the world’s most exciting wine region, and inspire the world to experience Washington State Wine. We hope this site will inspire you to go explore what our grape state has to offer, and that you’ll reach out should have any questions. We can’t wait to hear where you go and what you discover.

So happy to be connected with WA Wine. The organization is an icon in our community and the people within it make it what it is.
Molly Brooks, Wine Buyer at Meritage Wine Market, San Diego, CA
Rows of green vines stetch toward the hills in the horizon. The sky is hazy white-grey to blue.