Text your taste buds, because Taste Washington is only here once a year.

There is no better time to experience Washington wine and dine than in March. Taste Washington has grown over the past 24 years to be the largest single-region wine event of its kind in the nation. Attendees partake in various activities and events over multiple days every spring. Featuring educational seminars with national personalities, intimate wine and food events with celebrity chefs, and culminating with the Grand Tastings featuring hundreds of wineries, Taste Washington gives everyone a chance to learn, taste, and explore why Washington has taken a prominent place on the world wine stage. And to make matters more delicious, you get to pair WA wine with WA dine, the two best taste buds there ever were.

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Visit Taste Washington for Details

Make sure to visit, and bookmark, TasteWashington.org, as all of the event information, including registration, happens over on their website. We are proud sponsors of this event, and have been ever since it began 20 years ago.
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Reimagining the Seminar Space

The Taste Washington Seminar Series brings together some of the nation’s leading wine experts, including top winemakers, growers, Master Sommeliers, Masters of Wine, wine writers and academics. Hosted at the Four Seasons Seattle, the event draws over 400 guests eager to experience the latest and greatest industry trends happening in the state, providing an opportunity to taste some of our state’s finest wines against some of the best in the world. A team of 40+ sommeliers from around the Pacific Northwest volunteer their time to pop, proof and pour more than 4,000 glasses of wine over the two days of seminars. It’s a badge of honor to be selected for the team, and it’s truly a team of some of the finest wine professionals gathered anywhere in the world, and we are incredibly grateful for their service.

Stay tuned until we announce the lineup of the Seminar Series for Taste Washington 2022, but make sure to register when we do open, as our seminars sell out quickly. We can’t wait to share space with you, and let those who have been leading the way take the stage and walk us through their experience, knowledge, and insight.

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Pacific Northwest Sommeliers having a glass of WA wine after serving 400 seminar attendees.
For Wineries, Restaurants, Trade, & Media
Every year, we host select trade and media at our various events and would love to hear from you, and introduce you to the 200+ wineries that come to Seattle for this event.

Stay tuned, as there will be a registration link here for both Trade & Media once we are ready to begin consideration credentials for the 2022 Event. If you have any questions in the meantime, do not hesitate to reach out to Marketing Manager Jayne Cain at jcain@washingtonwine.org or Communications Director Heather Bradshaw at hbradshaw@washingtonwine.org.

Participate as an Exhibitor

Are you a winery or restaurant looking to participate in Taste Washington? Keep an eye out here for ways to register. Any wineries with questions, please reach out to Jayne Cain, Marketing Director at Washington Wine, at jcain@washingtonwine.org.

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Wilridge Winery at Taste Washington’s Grand Tasting
Visit TasteWashington.org

We’ll see you next March

Taste Washington 2021 was one to remember, but we can’t wait to get back to what we love best: sipping and tasting together. The gears are already in motion to do just that in 2022. Mark your calendars for March 17-20 and join us in person to raise a glass—together.
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