The Washington Advancements in Viticulture and Enology (WAVE) seminars, which are co-sponsored with Washington State University, follow a half- to all-day format to highlight viticulture and enology research. WAVEx is the condensed version, often in a webinar format, with targeted topics and practical application. WAVEx allows Washington Wine and WSU to tailor research programming for specific wine regions. WAVEx has visited the following regions: Prosser, Richland, Walla Walla, Lake Chelan, Columbia Gorge and Woodinville.

Upcoming WAVEx Events in 2023

February 2 – Stuck Fermentations, 12:30-1:30pm – In this webinar, WSU’s Dr. Thomas Henick-Kling, will discuss how to deal with stuck fermentations, the relationship of yeast assimilated nutrients or YAN, and what to expect of YAN levels in Washington wine grapes.

March 23 – Deep Root Zone Irrigation, 12:30-1:30pm – In webinar format, Dr. Pete Jacoby, WSU plant ecologist, will summarize his work on developing an alternative irrigation delivery system, and what he’s learned from soil moisture irrigation sensors.

April 20 – Is Soil Fumigation Cost Effective for Nematodes?, 12:30-1:30pm – Dr. Michelle Moyer, WSU viticulture extension specialist, will share results from her nematode research that the studied effects of fumigation on nematode control, spanning multiple years.

Past Webinar Recordings

April 8  – Crop Estimation Smartphone App – Dr. Manoj Karkee, WSU, will share his progress in developing a smartphone app for growers to use to estimate crop. Watch the webinar recording here.

March 4 – Managing Grape Leaffolders in Washington, Dr. David James, WSU. Watch the webinar recording here.

January 20 – Does Mechanization Pencil out for You?, Dr. Clark Seavert, Oregon State University.   Watch the webinar recording here.

Status of Smoke Impact in Washington State – Dr. Tom Collins, WSU

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Please reach out to Melissa Hansen, Research Program Director, at [email protected] with questions.