The Washington Advancements in Viticulture and Enology (WAVE) seminars, which are co-sponsored with Washington State University, follow a half- to all-day format to highlight viticulture and enology research. WAVEx is the condensed version, often in a webinar format, with targeted topics and practical application. WAVEx allows Washington Wine and WSU to tailor research programming for specific wine regions. WAVEx has visited the following regions: Prosser, Richland, Walla Walla, Lake Chelan, Columbia Gorge and Woodinville.

Upcoming WAVEx Events

July 27 – WAVE 2022, 1:00-4:30pm – WAVE returns to an in-person format at the WSU Wine Science Center in Richland to feature recently completed research on freeze impact on Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and wine (Dr. Jim Harbertson); tailoring irrigation for white wine grapes (Dr. Markus Keller); and new discoveries in smoke research (Dr. Tom Collins). The seminar will include sensory evaluation of the research wines that were made as part of the projects. A wine social will conclude the event. Register here.

January 20 – Smoke Research Update, 3:00-4:00pm – In this webinar, Dr. Tom Collins, WSU assistant professor, will dive into the latest findings of smoke impact research sponsored by the Washington wine industry. Register here.

March 24 – Mycorrhizal Inoculants for Vineyard Growth, 12:30-1:30pm – This webinar explores the effect of mycorrhizal inoculants on vineyard growth and health as revealed by research conducted by Dr. Tanya Cheeke, WSU microbial ecologist. Register here.

April 20 – Phylloxera Update, 3:00 – 4:30 pm – Drs. Doug Walsh and Michelle Moyer, WSU, will discuss how to use the Phylloxera Risk Assessment map, how to sample for phylloxera and insecticide options to manage phylloxera infestations. This webinar allows plenty of time for Q & A and offers 1 pesticide recertification credit (requested) from Oregon and Washington agriculture departments. Register here.

Past Webinar Recordings

April 8  – Crop Estimation Smartphone App – Dr. Manoj Karkee, WSU, will share his progress in developing a smartphone app for growers to use to estimate crop. Watch the webinar recording here.

March 4 – Managing Grape Leaffolders in Washington, Dr. David James, WSU. Watch the webinar recording here.

January 20 – Does Mechanization Pencil out for You?, Dr. Clark Seavert, Oregon State University.   Watch the webinar recording here.

Status of Smoke Impact in Washington State – Dr. Tom Collins, WSU

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