Happy #WAugust.

1000+ WA wineries. 31 days. Celebrate all month long.

With over 1000+ wineries, there is no wrong way to celebrate #WAugust. You can celebrate by shopping the wine aisle, sipping #WAwine in your backyard, or using our app to take a tour of our famous wineries. Click the link below to find events near you!

Welcome to Our Stories

Let us be the first to say: Welcome here, and welcome back. We can’t wait to see what you sip and where you go. But while you discover our wines and regions, don’t forget to get to know the character, voice, and identity of WA Wine from those who make WA Wine what it is today on our brand new Stories column. If there’s one thing we’ve got, it’s character.
a collage of 9 images with people in each image doing various activities related to wine, including standing in a cellar, drinking wine, holding grapes, holding a wine bottle
Eccentrics, mavericks, ideologues, rockers, chemists, poets, traditionalists, upstarts, lifers, dabblers—there’s a little of everything up here.
Amy Glynn, Paste Magazine

Get to know these voices

Sommlight is an innovative digital conversation series that aims to disrupt the average perception of sommeliers and “somms” by unveiling the other side of wine professionals, showcasing their humor, humanity and depth. When they’re working on the floor, it’s clockwork. But when they’re off the floor, what makes them tick? This series pulls apart the archetype to see what makes top wine professionals feel most alive, and what drives their passion for the business. Thirty-seven episodes in, we’re just getting started.