“Hospitality is about turning towards relationships and seeking to understand, to see, to hear, and to listen.”

Jackson Rohrbaugh has devoted his life to understanding and elevating the mechanics of hospitality, but also unearthing the deeper mission behind it. From his decade spent at Canlis, to now being at the helm of his own wine company, he approaches his work with a sense of curiosity, a commitment to principle, and a playfulness that is infectious. And despite his many impressive professional accomplishments, it’s his values around family and moments of connection with others that fuel him most. Join us as we discuss: how does one evolve their movements to be less ‘pro wrestler’ and more ‘elegant dancer’? What’s the secret to cooking Chef David Chang’s Bo Ssam in your home kitchen? And when all your efforts at hospitality are failing, what rip cord do you pull to save the relationship?

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