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Guardian Cellars is focused on making stellar wines from Washington's finest vineyards and so much more. A boutique winery and tasting room; a husband and wife team; a cop and a reporter.

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Our tasting room is open from 12-5 on the weekends. We're also open during the week, by appointment only.

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Our Story

Like most great things, our winery got started after a night of big talk over a few beers. Starting a winery was a natural progression for owner/winemaker Jerry Riener - but if you would have asked him about it back in 2003, he would have probably laughed hysterically at the idea. After volunteering at Matthews Cellars for two years then helping start Mark Ryan Winery, Jerry knew exactly what it took to start your own winery. The cost, the risks and the time were incredibly daunting - especially for a guy who already had a full-time job as a cop. But, fortunately, for all of us, Jerry is one of those guys who loves a challenge.

When we finally opened our tasting room doors in the fall of 2007 it was one heck of a crazy party. It seemed like everyone in town showed up to congratulate Jerry, who, after nearly a decade of grunt work at some of Woodinville’s finest wineries, had opened his own place. From that first release day - when we poured and sold out of our 2003 Cabernet, 2004 Gun Metal and 2004 Syrah - it was obvious the risks were worth it.

While our production has grown, from three wines and about 300 cases to nine wines and nearly 5,000 cases for harvest 2012, the party has kept going. We’re still producing the juice in the same Woodinville industrial complex, Jerry is still working as a police officer and he is still an army of one when it comes to making all of the wines. The secret? Lots of caffeine and a supportive wife, who on top of her full-time job as a newspaper reporter, runs the tasting room.

As you could probably guess, we're incredibly devoted to our winery. We love showing guests around the place and sharing story after story about, wine, grapes, barrels, crime, food, fashion… you name it. Please check us out on Facebook, Twitter or our blog.

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