Westcott Bay Cider

Westcott Bay Cider is the second oldest ciderworks in the state of Washington. We make prize-winning traditional English-style cider with bittersweet and bittersharp apples grown in Westcott Bay Orchard on San Juan Island, Washington.

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3 to 5 pm Saturdays from Memorial Day to Labor Day

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We are distilling our cider into Apple Eau de Vie, a delicious and prize-winning fresh fruit brandy. Some of it is going into fine white oak barrels to make a Calvados-like apple brandy, ready in a few years. In the meantime, we are making an excellent and very interesting gin from the cider.

Our Story

We grow 16 varieties of traditional cider apples in perfect apple-growing conditions. The climate on San Juan Island, Washington, is just right for a very long, slow ripening, and the trees are freshened every day with breezes from the ocean. Starting in September, we pick the apples by hand and then let them rest to soften for pressing. It takes two days of pressing to fill one of our tanks; when it's full, we pitch champagne yeast and let it ferment in 50 to 60 degree temperatures so that the cider's flavor develops fully. We rack the cider into a clean tank, and send the lees to the Distillery.

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