In three short years, Washington State Wine has taken our viticulture and enology research program to new heights. We’re proud to share the 2018 program highlights with you in this annual report and hope you will take a few moments to learn more about the industry’s wine research program.

The research program is guided by a well-defined strategic plan that was developed with broad industry input. It is one of a few in the nation funded by all wine grape growers and wineries in the state. In a nutshell, the program is:

  • Industry driven – research priorities are established by growers and wineries
  • Industry guided – funding recommendations are approved by industry
  • Accessible to all – winemakers and growers, regardless of size, have access to research results

The ultimate goal is to help Washington wine producers—both growers and winemakers—grow even better grapes and make even better wine by providing science-based tools to help them improve. Research is a strategic imperative for the industry’s continued health and long-term growth, and one of four pillars of Washing-ton State Wine’s overall strategic plan. Nearly a quarter of the annual budget is spent on research, including support for the Wine Science Center at Washington State University’s Richland campus.

Read more by downloading the Five Year Impact Report above.