The following labs have previously indicated their interest and availability for smoke analysis of grapes and/or wine samples.

Please note that if they are located out of the US, contact them prior to determine if there are any import or customs issues based on your vineyard location.

Most labs will analyze the free or bound primary indicators of smoke exposure impact (guaiacol and 4-methylguaiacol). Some also offer additional smoke volatile markers through an extended panel and/or offer smoke glycosylated markers for wine, which reports total bound smoke compounds. Such options may not be available during harvest due to time constraints.

Positive results don’t necessarily correlate to taint because some of these compounds are present in grapes without smoke exposure. Without baseline data for a grape or wine variety, positive results may not correlate to smoke taint.

This list of labs was first released by the WCSETF in 2020 and updated for Washington State.

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