• Washington’s 2016 wine grape production totaled 270,000 tons, a 22% increase from 2015.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon was the top producing variety grown in the state at 71,100 tons or 26% of the total. Merlot was ranked second, at 48,400 tons or 18% of the total.
  • Production of red varieties increased 39% compared to a 3% increase in the production of white varieties. Red varieties accounted for 58% of the total production, compared to 51% in 2015.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon showed the largest growth with a 23,700 ton increase.
  • Growers received an average of $1,157 per ton for all varieties in 2016, an increase of $12 from the previous year.
  • Of all the published varieties, Malbec received the highest average price per ton at $1,587.

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