We are driven by the land and the seasons, and every year our wine is an expression of those factors. Each vintage has personality, which is what makes Washington wine continually complex and ever-evolving.

Below is an overview of the past 10 years in Washington wine, a quick snapshot of each delicious moment in time.

VintageTons HarvestedSummary
2020178,500A relatively warm year with a significantly smaller crop than average.
2019201,000Slightly above average temperatures during the growing season followed by much cooler temperatures at harvest.
2018261,000Slightly above average temperatures and near-perfect harvest temperatures led to high quality.
2017229,000An above average year in terms of heat accumulation with a significant cool down in the second half of September.
2016270,000One of the warmest years on record before a sharp cooldown in September. Larger berries and clusters as well as new plantings led to a record harvest.
2015222,000The warmest vintage on record.
2014227,000A warmer year.
2013210,000A warm year.
2012188,000A year with heat accumulation that tracked perfectly to 20 year averages.
2011142,000The coolest vintage on record.
2010160,000The coolest vintage since 1999.
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