Airfield Estates is a winery, vineyard, and fourth-generation family farm situated in the heart of the Yakima Valley AVA. Our Prosser Tasting Room is open daily for wine tasting. It is located in Prosser's Vintners Village with several other tasting rooms within walking distance. We warmly invite you to come visit and enjoy our wide range of 100% estate grown wines. A visit to our tasting room not only provides a delightful and unique wine tasting experience, but it also gives a glimpse into our aviation and farming heritage. As the name suggests, Airfield Estates has ties to aviation. Prior to our farming days, we leased a portion of our property to serve as a training base for hundreds of Army Air Corps pilots during World War II. Following the war, we began farming in the surrounding area, and our farm became known as Airport Ranch. The site of the old airbase became the center of our farming operations, and to this day, we continue to utilize a few of the original WWII buildings to store our tractors and farm equipment. In our early farming days, we raised cattle and hogs. Over the years, we've grown potatoes, onions, oats, wheat, corn, sugar beets, hay, alfalfa, peppermint,spearmint, dill, asparagus, and adzuki beans. Our first wine grapes were planted in 1968, and today our vineyard spans over 800 acres of vitus vinifera grapes (including 21 different wine grape varietals) and 350 acres of Concord juice grapes.