Walla Walla took hold of our hearts the day we planted our first vines here three decades ago and has never let go. Today, by sourcing our grapes 100% from Walla Walla, 100% grown on the estate, and using 100% sustainable practices, no winery is more Walla Walla than Amavi Cellars. Created as a slightly different approach from its sister winery, Pepper Bridge Winery, Amavi Cellars has an irrepressible verve that wants you to be here now. Amavi Cellars represents the passion we have for winemaking in the Walla Walla Valley. Focused on a wider offering of wines, sourcing grapes from the younger vines on the estate, and utilizing more neutral oak, Amavi’s wines are ready to drink as soon as you get home from the tasting room, but will also age gracefully in cellars, if you can wait that long.