AniChe first started when Rachael Horn tried her hand at fermentation in 2008. Discovering a latent talent, she decided to turn it up to 11. After a few quick renovations to an old barn, a few pieces of repurposed farm equipment, and some not so willing child labor, AniChe Cellars was born. As part of our ethos, we strive to bring wine that is not only artisan in quality, but true to the ideology of Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and Love. Our mission transcends wine, as we dive into our community with open hearts and compassion. We strive to challenge the standards of sameness in all aspects of the business; we celebrate diversity as an ethos. We work to encourage growers to plant an array of varieties, and introduce consumers to a growing range of varieties. We champion blends, both unique and traditional. We work hard to create a market share in less “traditional” demographics and we hope to lead the vanguard in making wine accessible to all. We are a small family based winery in the Columbia Gorge, producing less than 5000 cases annually. Our team of women winemakers focuses on vintage and terroir, all beholden to an exploration of uniqueness. We make vineyard driven wines with little to no manipulation. Thus we do not chaptilize, ameliorate, saignee, or add anything other than bentonite and SO2. Mostly European style blends, we produce free-run only wines with very low oak profiles and we experiment regularly with clay vessels, concrete and alternative fermenting methods. All wines are vinified in small batches, in appropriate techniques for each variety and style. We work closely with growers to ensure sustainable practices in the vineyard, and we continue our high sustainability standards in every aspect of production. We work closely with our vineyard partners who share our values of fair and equitable treatment of all peoples working in the wine industry.