Making wine at Yakima Valley Vintners in Grandview, WA. Enodav Wine Co. begins in 2018 as an idea that reflects the understanding of site (vineyards) selection for specific purposes in winemaking. ‘’Wine is made in the vineyard’’ someone a long time ago said. As it is, we partially disagree. Why? Because there are grape varieties that are more prone to reflecting the viticulturist hand than others, we usually say. Also, what would the world be without the symbiotic understanding of vine and wine. We think these two have immense variables that can be placed to discussion in a panel and never reach a complete and definitive answer. Nevertheless, the more you understand this (again) symbiosis, the truer you become at making wine. Enodav Wine Company is an attempt to appreciate the structural qualities that are formed somewhere in between vineyard specificity, the variables that can be controlled by the viticulturist and the logic and skill that the winemaker can portray.