ART + WINE: Foundry Vineyards provides a unique experience of award-winning wines paired with a contemporary art gallery and sculpture garden. In addition to wine and art, our tasting room is also home to a carefully curated design shop called JOIN Shop Foundry. Foundry Vineyards wines are typically single vineyard and single varietals. Expect many white and red wines to choose from including many organic wines. We are also home to Pét Project wines. Pét Project is focused on creating low-intervention wines using the ancestral method, the oldest process for creating sparkling wines. The French refer to these wines as pétillant-naturel (naturally sparkling) or pét-nat for short. Working exclusively with growers using organic principles, many of the vineyards pét project sources from are also certified by the USDA. Each wine is fermented naturally using indigenous yeast from the vineyard. This is an essential part of making a wine that represents its place in a real and honest way.