We've planted 9 varieties in our vineyard in 2012. Three generations of our family tend the grapes. All grapes grown here at Fruitland Valley Vineyard go directly to our winery for production. We still hand tend them, weed by machine and shovel and mow the rows weekly. They get lots of love and attention in the months of April through November. Our vines are watered with drip irrigation and monitored closely. The grapes get bird netting on them about a month before harvest as we have quite a bit of wildlife in our area such as turkeys and quail, not to mention all the other beautiful birds in our area. On the cliffs of Lake Roosevelt situated at 1,400ft elevation, the vineyard is located at the base of the Fruitland Valley. Hot dry summers, cold but mild winters, and sandY loam soil gives our wine it's lighter and distinct characteristics and allow the grapes a thriving place to grow their fruit for our enjoyment.