When winery owners, Amy and Kyle Johnson tied the knot, little did they know that some fifteen generations ago their ancestors, the Murets and Gastons, were neighbors of sorts, living in adjacent villages in southern France. This ancestral discovery inspired their shared vision for their Muret-Gaston family of wines. These award-winning, barrel select wines are not only the result of a fine winemaker and superior fruit, but also of the love and respect they have for their families, old and new. In addition, they serve as a reminder of the importance of taking time to cultivate current family relationships while establishing a legacy for future generations. Each bottle of Muret-Gaston wine is produced from some of the finest vineyards in Washington State’s infamous Red Mountain and Wahluke Slope AVAs. With fruit slowly ripened in the vineyard, these premium wines are handcrafted using a fusion of Old World and New World winemaking techniques and are fittingly aged to perfection in all French barrels. The result is not only a fine bottle of wine, but a bottle of hard work, pride, tradition, family values and love. As the French say, “A ta santé!” May you enjoy drinking our wines as much as we enjoyed crafting them.