Perennial Vintners is a tiny family-owned and run, estate vineyard and micro winery. We specialize in the delicate and aromatic wines that come to life in our maritime climate in the Puget Sound basin, just a few miles from Seattle on Bainbridge Island -- we are the closest commercial vineyard to downtown Seattle -- now that's local! We are proud that we will be the first in the state to produce a French Muscadet-style wine with the correct grapes, grown in an appropriate area. This wine is internationally renowned for its ability to pair with any seafood, a natural here in Seattle. We are now producing some Germanic style wines, including Muller Thurgau and Madeleine Angevine. We also have coming: Siegerrebe, and an Alsatian-styled Pinot Gris. We will soon be releasing port-style wines made from island-grown raspberries and strawberries. We'd love to have you visit our vineyard so you can experience where your wine is grown - please contact us for an appointment. Wines are available in several Puget Sound area wine shops and local restaurants and at the winery.