RR Poet wines are limited-production, estate-grown wines. Our wines are a reflection of a singular vision - to express the very best qualities of a distinctive place - our very own PineBrake Vineyard. Our mission and our promise are to craft the very best wines we possibly can from each vintage that our vineyard and Mother Nature provide us. Each vintage, fruit from PineBrake is meticulously grown, hand-selected, and hand-harvested to be processed into our wine, and even then - only the very best barrels of that wine are selected for the final RR Poet blends. It is a tremendous labor of love, and one that we trust you will appreciate as much as we do as you experience the distinctive quality in each bottle of RR Poet. Due to the exacting, hands-on approach that we take with this wine throughout the winegrowing process, RR Poet wines are necessarily very limited in quantity. RR Poet is available through allocation directly to our customers. In order to purchase RR Poet wines, please add your name to The List to be included in future allocations.