This is a story about finding and returning to one's roots. Marco De Santis' family has been making wine in Italy for generations and his great grandfather traveled from a small village in Central Italy to Tacoma, Washington in 1904 to work on the railroad. Marco then returned to his ROOTS in Washington State 111 years later to dedicate part of his life to crafting ultra-premium wines that showcase the Red Mountain terroir. The most unique aspect of the winery is that each blend is composed of grape varieties that share genetic ROOTS. Our two flagship wines, Laevus and Dexter (Latin for left and right), are single-vineyard blends that represent the pinnacle of our wine program. Laevus is a co-fermented blend of Petite Sirah with its parent Grape, Syrah, from Red Heaven Vineyard. Dexter is a co-fermented blend of Cabernet Sauvignon with its parent grape, Cabernet Franc, from Scooteney Flats Vineyard. co-fermenting these parent and offspring grapes results in expressive, rich, and harmonious wines. We hope you gather with family and friends over a bottle of our wine to discuss your own ROOTS!