Our philosophy at Sleeping Dog Wines is that dogs and wines share many similar properties. When they are young, they are lively, colorful, sometimes out of control, and often times lots of fun. As they get older, they tend to mature, develop character, and become more steady in their outlook and and reliability. All along, it certainly helps to have a good nose! We produce reds that taste pretty darn good with a couple of years in the bottle, but benefit from laying down for several years (Get it? Let Sleeping Dogs lie…). Since many of our customers don’t have the space, or stable temperatures critical for storing their wines at home, we prefer to release these wines with five or more years of bottle aging, allowing you to appreciate them as they should be tasted. In addition, all of our red wines are aged (prior to bottling) in stainless steel tanks, with judicious addition of oak, which allows the fruit to take prominence in the wine.